I'm Lost. Hubitat. Fibaro 2 Dimmer. 2 Switches. Halogen

I have 4 Fibaro 2 Dimmers all good.
Trying to Install my 1st of 3 into multi-switch configurations. Wiring is good, Checked LOTS.
Calibration succeeded GREEN with both bypass and without. (3X18watt bulbs so on the cusp)
Lights turn on fine in calibration. No Errors.
Lights turn off after a second from both switches and from Hubitat.
I can't work out why.

this is the log - params + turn on

[dev:161]( 21:08:38.323 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:5, commandClass:49, data:[4, 34, 0, 0, 121, 219])

[dev:161]( 21:08:29.950 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:5, commandClass:49, data:[4, 34, 0, 0, 121, 219])

[dev:161]( 21:08:29.887 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:3, commandClass:38, data:[0, 62, 248])

[dev:161]( 21:08:27.369 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:5, commandClass:113, data:[0, 0, 0, 255, 8, 5, 0, 178, 228])

[dev:161]( 21:08:26.928 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:3, commandClass:38, data:[0, 62, 248])

[dev:161]( 21:08:26.423 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:3, commandClass:38, data:[99, 98, 61])

[dev:161]( 21:08:26.358 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:5, commandClass:49, data:[4, 34, 0, 225, 148, 212])

[dev:161]( 21:08:25.854 [debug]( BasicSet(value:255)

[dev:161]( 21:08:25.835 [debug]( BasicSet(value:255)

[dev:161]( 21:08:25.785 [debug]( Crc16Encap(checksum:65535, command:1, commandClass:43, data:[10, 0, 151, 176])

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.852 [info]( parameterNumber:59, size:2, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.795 [info]( parameterNumber:58, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.618 [info]( parameterNumber:54, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.553 [info]( parameterNumber:53, size:2, value:10

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.489 [info]( parameterNumber:52, size:2, value:3600

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.392 [info]( parameterNumber:50, size:1, value:10

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.328 [info]( parameterNumber:49, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.263 [info]( parameterNumber:48, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.198 [info]( parameterNumber:47, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.134 [info]( parameterNumber:46, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.080 [info]( parameterNumber:45, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:55.005 [info]( parameterNumber:44, size:2, value:600

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.922 [info]( parameterNumber:43, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.856 [info]( parameterNumber:42, size:1, value:3

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.792 [info]( parameterNumber:41, size:1, value:2

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.728 [info]( parameterNumber:40, size:1, value:3

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.664 [info]( parameterNumber:39, size:2, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.600 [info]( parameterNumber:38, size:2, value:255

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.536 [info]( parameterNumber:37, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.444 [info]( parameterNumber:35, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.374 [info]( parameterNumber:34, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.309 [info]( parameterNumber:33, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.244 [info]( parameterNumber:32, size:1, value:2

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.179 [info]( parameterNumber:31, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.114 [info]( parameterNumber:30, size:1, value:2

[dev:161]( 21:07:54.049 [info]( parameterNumber:29, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.985 [info]( parameterNumber:28, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.918 [info]( parameterNumber:27, size:1, value:15

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.853 [info]( parameterNumber:26, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.784 [info]( parameterNumber:25, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.719 [info]( parameterNumber:24, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.605 [info]( parameterNumber:23, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.549 [info]( parameterNumber:22, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.483 [info]( parameterNumber:21, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.401 [info]( parameterNumber:20, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.344 [info]( parameterNumber:19, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.212 [info]( parameterNumber:16, size:2, value:5

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.144 [info]( parameterNumber:15, size:1, value:30

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.084 [info]( parameterNumber:14, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:53.015 [info]( parameterNumber:13, size:1, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.918 [info]( parameterNumber:11, size:2, value:255

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.849 [info]( parameterNumber:10, size:2, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.790 [info]( parameterNumber:9, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.721 [info]( parameterNumber:8, size:2, value:5

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.660 [info]( parameterNumber:7, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.593 [info]( parameterNumber:6, size:2, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.494 [info]( parameterNumber:5, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.429 [info]( parameterNumber:4, size:2, value:0

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.362 [info]( parameterNumber:3, size:1, value:1

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.296 [info]( parameterNumber:2, size:1, value:70

[dev:161]( 21:07:52.232 [info]( parameterNumber:1, size:1, value:7

Did you use the zwave tool to make any parameter changes?

Yeah 26 to 1 and 20 to 1 (Toggle Switch and enable s2)

Cracked it!
For some reason - probably due to one of the community drivers - Parameter 39 (max load) was set to '1' - setting this to 250 allows stable operation up to 95% - following a re-calibration it sets max brightness to 70 which is bright enough! Weird.
I wish there were EU drivers for these things...

Edit - Cheers for the edit chuck!