Im getting some ideas: Broadlink Fastcon BLE

Just leaving this here .. some interesting integrations and lighting control replacements to HUE could happen

I watched this today as well. Is their anyway this could be of interest to us, the Hubitat community? sure we could technically use this through virtual switches and Alexa but that's so boring.

if they do an open integration like HUE does, then it could ... but thats a big IF

I just received this starter kit

BroadLink Bluetooth Smart Light Bulbs (BLE Tech) - 9W Color Changing Light Bulb with Music Sync, No App Account Required and Fast Setup, A19 E26, 800LM, Works with Alexa, Google Home (4-Pack)

and jumped right in without creating an account and without a bridge and am surprised at how quick and lightweight these bulbs are. The color saturation holds really well to Lifx bulbs, though they are not quite as intense.

I have an entire ecosystem of lutron switches and remotes with a pro bridge and I'm hoping I can use those to control BLE through hubitat without dragging this experience. The scene controller is pretty wonky and not as aesthetically pleasing as my lutron gear.

Do they connect Alexa/Google Home without an account?

My understanding is that there is "1-click linking" to Alexa, google cloud accounts without login.

I haven't attempted to link these services, as I have no desire to expose my smart home devices to their clouds if I don't have to.

Could be interesting once they fill out their product line. For some reason I thought they were going Bluetooth mesh instead of ble. Or is it one and the same?

Wonder how many Bluetooth devices an echo can handle, sounds cool if you don't have to use the phone at all.

You can control up to 250 devices currently. I wish I could figure out some way to integrate these with Hubitat so I could control my devices with my dashboards. I have been a Broadlink user for years now.

I have replaced my entire lighting system with these. There are incredible to me and I sure hope Broadlink releases many more devices that work with their BLE setup as they say they will be doing.