Im assuming this is bad on my zigbee network

81/64 ?????????????

A lot of Unknowns there. What does the Zigbee Details show?

A record number of unknowns, I'd say.

Try shutting down your hub (red LED), pulling power, wait 30s, restore power to boot up.

That might help clear some things up.

Have you made any changes recently - added or removed Zigbee devices, added LAN integrations or other apps?

no major changes in a long time other than firmware upgrade

Ill try this shut down now

How soon after your most recent f/w update did you check the Zigbee graph? Asking cuz mine took a while to settle after downloading earlier today. I even rebooted an extra time for good measure, since some packages evidently needed that to complete installation.

all the devices but a few show "last message"

20-30 minutes ? i just upgraded and notice in the note there was some zigbee stuff

okay i let it rebuild after the reboot

in the detail page i only have 3 devices NOT pinging ( i have kiddos run around the house to activate stuff lol

So you think everything is working/responding except three devices?

Haven't seen anything quite like this before...might be good to wait to tomorrow AM and see how things look.

Pinging @support_team for a check in tomorrow (Thursday) morning to see how things look.

So it's wierd and been going on for while

Sometimes I everything work great then 5 minutes later you can walk the same path in the house and 80 or 90 percent of the stuff fails to turn on

okay after overnight I let this screen build for 30 minutes and walked around to active stuff too

I put the habitat and routers and the "MM" device in the approximate position in the home
why stuff is talking to the "washer" device some of them literally there are 5-6 walls and the "Hall router" is line of sight i have no idea why

as a network pro, zigbee routing is horrid

i have been stuck in this hell of i i had to many routers - but you cannot buy a plug in light control that does not route - ugh

i think all this stuff is just too unreliable honestly - I would tear it all out and start over but then what do you buy ?

You definitely need to get rid of the unknown devices and get a few more routers.

last time i was told i had to many routers so i bought the dedicated ones "pool" and "hall" to help

I can reduce the load a bit buy replace 12 smart bulbs with regular bulbs. however i use the bulbs because I don't have access to Neutral in at the switch.

is there a recommended list of reliable light controllers ?

PS the "pool and Hall" router advertise 50 devices each and im not even close to that, I know the hub can do ~30 ? and the "MM i thin was 20-30 also

how do i find the unknown devices ?

Here is my wifi scan I'm in the country so nothing should be interfering

No cordless phones


I remove 10 bulbs now

im still get in group of unknown though can anyone please explain what unknown means ?

is is zigbee device not part of my network ?

if it says unknown with an arrow direct to the hub that could be a problem.. if it is unknown from another device it just means the device is holding onto the id in its neighbor table for awhile which they do so no problem really.

i don't see any talking to the hub directly only other routers, i guess i could reboot to clear the tables ?

actually i have one route reporting as unknown?

I think there was a discussion of Unknowns on the new zigbee mapper app thread.