I'm about to buy

I'm about to buy xiaomi mijia smart light sensor zigbee 3.0. I'm wondering if these are compatible with hubitat and if so are they easy to setup?

The best place to look for native compatibility is this list:

If not there, search these forums for a community written driver. For example, I found this thread:



Yes, they are compatible with Hubitat. And I second @HAL9000's suggestion to use them with @chirpy 's driver, over an older no-longer-supported driver from Markus.

There is one trick to pairing - there's a lot of information that goes back and forth between this sensor and Hubitat during pairing. So pair them very close to Hubitat (within a foot) and then move them to their final location. Sometimes, it may be necessary to re-pair a few times to get them initialized properly.


Ok cheers guys. With the driver is it simple to add? I got sonoff motion sensors and temp & humidity sensors working by accident I think in all honesty. I tried downloading from GiThub and then get lost once I'm at the page

So I copy the text into the driver section. Then from there I'm a little lost

Yes. I would recommend following the pairing directions I briefly referred to.

Can I suggest you install "Hubitat Package Manager"? And then install the driver using HPM?

See the hub documentation pages on installing custom drivers and apps.

thnak you, i keep forgeting about that
im hoping i can do the app then i can use a few contact sensors, as the dont get discovered atm

Zigbee sensors should generally pair when the hub is in discovery mode. But without a functional driver they won’t work right.

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Ah thank you, i have added the driver, now it find the contact, but it stays athe the initializing Stage