Illuminance Sensor check happens after light been on for a while

illuminance Sensor check happens after light been on for a while

I redid it as a Basic Rule, and it worked fine.

Log shows the illuminance well after the light is on.

dev:12023-09-03 06:32:16.544 PMinfoFont Driveway Motion is active
app:342023-09-03 06:32:13.813 PMinfoIgnored Activation Event: 'Font Driveway Motion' illuminance 285 not < 100
dev:12023-09-03 06:32:13.731 PMinfoFont Driveway Motion illuminance is 285 Lux
app:342023-09-03 06:32:08.148 PMinfoAll motion inactive, scheduling off in 1 minute
app:342023-09-03 06:32:08.131 PMinfoTurn Off Event: 'Font Driveway Motion' motion inactive
dev:12023-09-03 06:32:08.029 PMinfoFont Driveway Motion is inactive
dev:22023-09-03 06:31:59.545 PMinfoTest Outlet voltage is: 116V
dev:22023-09-03 06:31:47.913 PMinfoTest Outlet amperage is: 0A
dev:22023-09-03 06:31:46.635 PMinfoTest Outlet power is: 9W
dev:22023-09-03 06:31:43.076 PMinfoTest Outlet was turned on
app:342023-09-03 06:31:42.910 PMdebugEvent: Font Lights switch on
app:342023-09-03 06:31:42.871 PMdebugEvent: Test Outlet switch on
dev:112023-09-03 06:31:42.828 PMinfoFont Lights was turned on [digital]
dev:22023-09-03 06:31:42.765 PMinfoTest Outlet was turned on
app:342023-09-03 06:31:42.567 PMinfoon: Test Outlet
app:342023-09-03 06:31:42.468 PMinfosetLevel: Font Lights, level: 100
dev:142023-09-03 06:31:42.306 PMinfoFront Door Motion is active
app:342023-09-03 06:31:42.299 PMinfoActivating for All Modes
app:342023-09-03 06:31:42.231 PMinfoActivation Event: 'Font Driveway Motion' motion active

The second to last log is checking the illuminance. App 34

I can upload screen shots.
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I would also suggest describing what appears to be the problem specifically, as it is not apparent to me from the above (though maybe the screenshots will help).


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