Illuminance seems to be broken after update to

Haven't found this specific issue in search, but after updating to the motion lighting app and rules in general that use illuminance to make a decision have stopped working. In looking at it, it appears that the illuminance value in the rules is reported as null. The devices page itself does show a value for illuminance, so the device itself is reporting it correctly, but it doesn't appear that it's being passed on to or isn't being seen by the rule engine. I'm using a Phillips Hue outdoor motion sensor and have it paired directly to the Hubitat (not going through the Hue Hub). I downgraded back to and it started working again.

I'm seeing this too. And it's not just Illuminance - it is happening with devices that report temperature and motion into RM as well. Illuminance/temperature are showing up as null, while motion just stays as inactive.

Hmm, that's odd, I'm on the same firmware and both my Hue outdoor motion sensors are not showing null. It's partly sunny and they face west. -Joel

Edit: I have a C-4 hub if that matters.

Yes - on the device page everything appears normal. It is inside rules in Rule Machine where things are reporting null.

Here are two examples:


Gotcha. I don't have any rules based off of light or temperature, so I quickly started a new rule in RM just to check. I used an indoor Hue motion inside my garage, the sensor shows "0" lux closed and "28" when opened. This is also reflected in the device page, something is definitely going on with your hub though... Sorry, that probably wasn't much help. -Joel

I have a C-4 hub also, so I'm guessing the hub version isn't the issue. It definitely has something to do with though, because when I go to a previous version I don't have the problem. At least I don't seem to be the only one as maxq10 seems to have the same issue and therefore, probably others do as well. For now, I'm just going to stay at

so has this bug been acknowledged.. is it still in the current release

I'm not sure which version you're referring to. I believe is the latest release and that's the version that's causing the problem for me, so I would say that it is still in the latest version. If there's a later released version than that, I'm not aware of it; there may have been a, but I read that it has been pulled. I don't know about it being acknowledged, this is the only post I've made and the only one I've seen on it. I'm not new to Hubitat, but haven't posted any bugs before, so I don't know if there is someplace else I need to post/send it to make sure someone knows about it.

.143 is out

We need to see logs for the rules that are not working as expected.

i would think showing null for an attribute in the rule above is sufficient

That must have literally just came out since I posted this because .141 was still showing when I first posted this. I'll probably try .143 and see if it's still an issue.

i havent updated but do have temp and illuminance sensors so just waiting to see what shakes out

Are you running on build 142? That had this problem all over, and was pulled. What about you @terryc64?

You might actually be or have been running 142, which was out for about an hour and got pulled. It had a bug, which is no longer in 143. Please update it and see if that makes a difference (or keep running earlier version if that works).

Can't speak for max, but I had it on .141 (updated to it yesterday) and never tried 142 because it was pulled before I noticed the issue. However, I will try .143 since it is now out.

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Seems to look better in .143; doesn't show null anymore. Thanks for the response.

Yes, I was. Just wanted to chime in to this thread once I saw it just in case you guys didn't know about this. I'm waiting patiently for the next hotfix......which appears to be out now!

I just updated my hub. Things look like they are back to normal now. Thanks!

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Seems as though this topic was filled with bad cases from 142. In the past now.

Anyone on 142, upgrade to 143.