I'll tell you why Hubitat Elevation!

I just now finished up migrating to HE and I am very impressed! I have had home automation for a little more than five years using Wink and venturing into ST for a few weeks and then back to Wink. I really liked Wink but the shine had worn off the last two years with no new products or integrations to speak of. I actually bought my HE several months ago and did the basic login/setup. But, Because I had little or no logic/programming and because of some of the struggles I had when first setting up Wink (I was on the phone with their support for over three hours trying to set up a Kwikset deadbolt) I was
very skeptical about switching to HE. I have about 40 devices and I thought it might take me days! It took me about 6 hours to exclude my Stuff from Wink and clean up my naming conventions and another 4 hours to discover my devices, integrate my Caseta stuff and set up some Simple Lighting rules. Oh, the BEST thing is that Kwikset lock I mentioned was discovered by HE in under 10 seconds! AND I discovered that Lock Code Manager works to add, delete and change codes! Until now I always had to remove the inside cover, open the door and change the codes with the door half open. THANK YOU HE....I wish I had made this change long ago! By the way, I will be 75 in January! If I can do this with only two or three inquiries anyone can do it!


Welcome to Hubitat!


Maybe that could be on the advertising. If Cook can do it, you can to! Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:


The first liar doesn't have a chance......lol. just kidding. I turned 76 in July. I shut down my Homeseer Pro system about 5 months ago and I'm 100% Hubitat. There is a learning curve, but I enjoy it.


Yan can cook? :wink:


Only if I have to!