Ikery 10 meter Magic Home LED RGB Strips Special:$25.99 Amazon.ca

Was: $36.54
Price: $25.99

Less $5.00 coupon = $20.99
(FREE delivery: on orders over $35.00 shipped by Amazon.ca.)

Ikery LED Strip Light WiFi Wireless 32.8ft/10M Smart LED Light Strip 300LED 5050 RGB Lights, Waterproof Flexible LED Strip , Music Sync, Voice Control, Compatible with Alexa Echo, Google Assistant, IFTTT home


Works with @adamkempenich's Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.89

RGB Controller Driver

10 Meters (2x5m) 12volt 5050 LED Strips
-14.4 w/m
-12 lm/per led
1 Wi-Fi/IR Controller
1 IR Remote
12V 6A UL Power Supply

At this point, for this price I'm buying them for the parts...


Those don't appear to be individually addressable LEDs if they can be controlled by MagicHome so if you want LEDs to run elaborate color-changing effects or LEDs within the strip to be different colors at same time, these are not an option.

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Not a bad deal, thanks

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At $21 for 2 strips, a power supply, and a Wi-Fi/IR controller that's $5.25 each.
I'm pretty sure I've paid more than $20 for a strip of LEDs in the past. :man_shrugging:

That would be nice, but not likely to happen any time soon at this price in .ca land.

These were the most affordable I could find and then added a NodeMCU with WLED Software and a power supply.

And I just noticed you linked to a 10m strip and mine is only 5. I have a strip like you linked using MagicHome and @adamkempenich's integration and it works great.

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Oh dont get me wrong, I agree heck of a deal, especially here in the Great White North.
I am tempering my excitement due to the "Honey, dont you think we have enough lights in here?" I usually get when I point stuff like this out. This is very much the atmosphere around here after spending 700 on a new NAS as my QNAP decided that my fan can do 40,000 RPM and the CPU is running at 175 C. It isnt really but something on the mobo decided that it is unhappy, thankfully I migrated my drives to the new one seamlessly. I missed my monthly back up of the "important files" last month so "Pitter patter lets get at'er."
the TL:DR Yes a great deal but the better half is not onboard with more lights att.

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