Ikea's Slow and Steady Plan to Save the Smart Home

More products from IKEA. Like their outlets and bulbs, the blinds are supposed to use Zigbee. Hopefully they will end up being just as easily incorporated.


So IKEA is leaning to zigbee. Amazon's hub is zigbee. We're talking about the big dogs of consumer products here. I hope we'll get more breadth of zigbee products out of this. I need relays, dry contacts that are hard or impossible to find (without going to banggood). Or if I DO find it, it's priced like gold, much higher than a comparable zwave device.

It will be interesting to see Zigbee 3 vs Zwave 700 in the coming 24 months.

I've already seen a couple zwave 700 prototype devices from a US vendor, and they look interesting. Having a single chip being worldwide compatible, and MUCH improved degugging capability now that they use a modern processor, kills two of the biggest pains for zwave design. I expect products to start rolling out late 3Q19, early 4Q19 - but we'll see I guess.

Seems like Zigbee 3 is going to have a lot more penetration in terms of hub support though versus zwave 700.

Good stuff all around, though.

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