Ikea up/down button

Hi Team,
Has anyone had success using this driver - IKEA up/down button Hubitat driver that comes with FYRTUR blinds · GitHub to get the Ikea up/down button to work ?
The zigbee pairing works out fine, but not stats updates. I was going through the documentation on HE, and I cam across the "Button controllers" app. Is this the recommended path for setting these devices up ?

I have a bunch of these up down Ikea buttons that were part of my Smartthings automations. Any help here would be appreciated ?

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Can't say I have tried the driver, but if you are referring to these devices:

I have them paired to a Conbee2 stick attached to a raspberry pi4 running the deConz / PhosCon software and using the deConz Community driver on my HE hub.

I use these to control my Somfy blinds using my Bond bridge.

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also looking for a driver to use this device.

I believe you will need to go down the route I took, or something similar. These weren't supported when I set mine up and I don't believe anything has changed.

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