IKEA Tradfri with button?

Looking to potentially pick up the IKEA Tradfri outlet for zigbee repeating, which I am seeing for $15 CAD:

But then I saw for $5 more there is a combo that includes a button

I see mention that the button can control multiple outlets... so does that mean that this button is not inherently directly paired to the outlet, and can work as a separate smart button to trigger something completely unrelated to the outlet?

I used to have 6 of those outlets. They do repeat well. However, over 3 years, 2 of mine have failed, and a third is now displaying the same symptoms (very warm to touch). So, I'm not as enthusiastic about them as I used to be.

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My current favourite for Zigbee repeater is the Sonoff USB Dongle.
It's ungainly, but it's the very best repeater I've ever used.
In addition to being ungainly, it can be "finnicky" and difficult to set up.
Nonetheless, it's performance is like "One who is screaming in a room of whisperers".

If you don't want to go to that extreme, the Ikea repeater seems to work OK.

To answer your question (maybe), no the IKEA buttons are not compatible with Hubitat.

Some sort of work but they intermittently burn through batteries.
Others don't work at all.

So it's best just to avoid them to begin with. :man_shrugging:

I've had good luck with the Sonoff buttons you can pick them up for around CDN$10 sometimes on amazon.ca and regularly on Aliexpress.


If it is still sold where you live. The TRÅDFRI repeater seems to have been discontinued in North America. Also I've read reports that it's Zigbee radio is not as strong as the outlet.

I bought 5 of the TRÅDFRI outlets 2 years ago (mostly to help keep Aqara/Mijia devices on my mesh). A year ago one of them started to fall off the mesh every few days. About a month ago another one fell of the mesh and the LED blinks rapidly. Those two are now in the electronics recycling box. Of course, when I bought them they were US$9.99; now they are US$12.99. I know because just before the 2nd one failed I bought 3 more.

Everything I've read says the Ikea TRÅDFRI button is not standard Zigbee and will not work with Hubitat.


Interesting. You're the only other person I know whose Tradfri outlets have failed. Did yours also become very warm (almost hot) to touch before failure?

There's a new one coming out.

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Neither of them get hot. If I plug in the earlier failed unit it will work for a day or two, but then it will stop responding and fall off the mesh, only working again when I reset and re-pair it. I just tried again back in December. The more recently failed unit just blinks the LED rapidly when I plug it in.

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That's the same symptoms as mine. The only difference is when they first started not responding to HE, they would be very warm to touch.

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