IKEA Tradfri warm white and motion sensor and Fibaro Roller Shutter 3

I just got my hub, I got it to work with the Ikea Tradfri bulbs, BUT how can I control the temperature of the light. The bulbs has 3 kinds of white , neutral, cold and worme, I want it on worme most of the time. But I dont get where I can set it up.
So my questions are:

  1. can I control the IKEA bulbs temperature?
  2. Can I control the Ikea TRADFRI Gatway thru Hubitat, since that seems to work perfectly and even faster than the Hubitat ?
    3.Are the ikea motion sensor and outlet and contorler , working with Hubitat?
  3. I did install motion app, and the motion sensor from ikea it's not working. Look at the atttchments.
  4. Dose Hubitat work with roller shuter 3 from Fibaro?

Thank you!

Hey Huby,

  1. the control can be found in the "devices" page, scroll down to you find the device and you can change the colour temp in there.
  2. No API - so no control for the ikea hub.
  3. Motion sensors no, controller no, outlet yes (i think)
  4. not sure on this one sorry

If you have their "shades of white" bulb (which unlike most others on the market does literally only three shades: something like a super-warm 2200 K, a "regular" warm 2700 K, and a slightly cool 4000 K), then the "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb" driver will work. Keep in mind that the driver will let you set any color temperature, but the bulb will "round" it to the closest of the three values it actually supports. If you aren't using this driver, change to it and hit "Save" under the driver selection box, then hit the "Configure" button.

The above is correct on the rest as far as I know, as well: the outlet works with Hubitat. I don't think the motion sensor does, but I haven't tried it (it's meant to be paired directly to a bulb/group via TouchLink and might only support group messaging that leaves the hub out of the equation, but I haven't tried it on Hubitat). There is no official API for the Trådfri Gateway, though some people have reverse-engineered it, so it's possible the community could create an integration if someone cared enough. (I wouldn't: they also pair to the Hue Bridge, which has a documented API and Hubitat-official integration. I also find the bulbs quite slow in general, not much faster on the Trådfri Gateway than they were on Hue or Hubitat, all of which I've tried.)

By the way, since it sounds like you're pairing your bulbs directly to the hub, you may wish to read Hubitat's Zigbee tips document: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh - Hubitat Documentation. Specifically, look for one of the points at the end about using smart bulbs:

  1. Avoid adding Zigbee lightbulbs to your hub in combination with other Zigbee devices, since the lightbulbs will try to act as routers, but unfortunately they only perform this role properly with other lightbulbs. The exception we have found are Sengled Zigbee lightbulbs, which do not try to take on the role of repeating other Zigbee devices. Zigbee light bulbs do not have issues routing among themselves, therefore a good alternative is a separate Zigbee network via a compatible bridge such as the Philips Hue Bridge, or a second Hubitat Elevation hub with only Zigbee lightbulbs paired to it. This will avoid this issue of bulbs attempting, and subsequently failing to repeat signals for other devices, by establishing two separate and stable Zigbee networks. NOTE : Devices on a separate Zigbee network cannot repeat signals for devices on the main Zigbee network.
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After I restarted from scratch, I did manage to successfully change the temperature on the IKEA bulb, to warm white, BUT not on the RGB color IKEA bulb. Any idea why? Or what driver is recommended for the color IKEA bulbs?

Also an question about this forum.
I also have some other questions about recommended sensor and other things. Where should I post them to get most responses ?
Thank you for your time!

So I managed to make the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 work on Hubitat, with the help of Amithalp , whom directed me to a custom driver that he modified.
The only problem is that, if I want to stop it half way, not to fully close or fully open, I can't do it from the dashbord, only from the devices page.
If anyone can think of how to fix that, please tell me.
Thank you Amithalp !

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