IKEA Trådfri Signal Repeater


Very true. I was always worried about my thermostat routing through a Cree bulb on my patio, while my hub was only 10 feet away.

Good to hear the repeaters are working well for you!


now available in Canada and cheaper than USA (very strange)
Just ordered 2 online (shipping sucks but was not worth the drive through traffic across town)


How do those repeaters work? Just connect them to the hub like any other device and stick them near dead zones?


Exactly. give it 24 hours or more for devices to find their way. Zigbee self routes, but it takes time.
They'll route to one another if needed.


Here in Italy they are available in the stores not on line (still). They seems to work well.


Purchased one of these little repeaters over the weekend and it arrived today.
Very small easy to hide, paired up fine held in the reset for 6 seconds or so.

Just a question how is everyone's repeater detected? mine just says Type: Device


Yeah, that's how they show up. It's one of those types of devices that just works in the background. Device is the right device type.


That's brilliant thanks for confirming corerootedxb
Put one into the far corner upstairs with xiaomi device next to it ( this keeps on dropping ) will see how it behaves over the next couple of days.

Might grab a few more of these if they work :slight_smile:


I've gotten 4 of them so far and they seem to be great little repeaters. My back guest room that has a couple of lights that have always been slow or not responsive at all have sprang back to life. So, I'd say the repeaters are doing their jobs.


I ended up getting the outlets - in the US they are $9.99 vs $11.99 and I think maybe a bit more usable. Even though they are "longer" they seem to have a slightly slimmer profile against the wall (and are grounded).


I was going to go with the outlets as well, but I already have a ton of Smartthings outlets that I have scattered about the house. Some of them don't have anything plugged into them and are just an eyesore (so says the wife). I like the repeaters because I can plug them into one of the various 6 port Anker chargers I have around the house and they don't look quite as bad. I mounted one of these chargers under my dining room table for when we have guests over and I put a repeater into that as well. The other thing is that if you have continuously powered USB ports on pretty much any device (PC, RPis, TVs, game consoles, etc), you can plug a repeater into them as well.


Arghhhh, I misunderstood apologies!!! The end bit off the plug is the repeater..and it's removable from the outlet. I should have figured that out from the earlier picture. Morning coffee has not kicked in apparently.. very cool device for certain situations. I guess I still prefer the outlet.


I'm on my second cup. Catch up!!! LOL

Yeah, the limited distance isn't great, but we are talking about a 5v device that can be put pretty much anywhere. And don't get me wrong about the outlets. They are great devices as well (Ikea is killing it this year with smart home tech), but the WAF goes down a couple points every time she sees an outlet plug. LOL

We went to Ikea twice this past weekend so I could finish redoing our kitchen lights and I was sitting there contemplating on getting a couple more of the 1000lm blubs just to have as spares. She stopped me from getting them and thankfully she did. When we got home, I went into my bulb container to take stock and I had 6 of them still in boxes. LOL


Has any one had luck with the ikea motion sensor? It shows up but I haven’t figured out how to set it up to trigger.


My understanding is these are only capable of pairing with bulbs. Very simple.

If you're looking for inexpensive, fast, small motion sensors with great battery life, the Xiaomi are something to consider. You can just buy some IKEA Trådfri Outlets or Repeaters, the Zigbee mesh strengthens, and the Xiaomi seem to be very stable. I have only dropped a Xiaomi leak sensor in the basement by the water main since November 2018 when the outlets were installed. The only thing you need to do is wait. Average delivery time is a month.

IKEA motion sensor

Thanks! Luckily Ikea isn’t too far


China is though. The waiting is the hardest part. Nice little motion sensors. Have now modded one with a 5 second response time that you can increase to whatever you want with the community driver, and I added external power for outdoor use to trigger my Wyze cam instead of the overly sensitive built-in motion detection.


What should the device type be for the Tradfri Repeater? Mine defaults to "Device".


There isn't one, device is fine as the repeater has no commands, nor attributes, and just needs to be joined to do its job.


Ok, thanks!