Ikea tradfri reapeater

there is a diver for it but i heard people saying the driver does not matter. If it does not matter why does it exist if it matters what does it do?

The driver does not matter for its function as a zigbee repeater.

The driver does provide some information about the devices it is repeating for and the strength of its connection to the hub (or upstream repeater).

Knowing this information doesn’t change it’s function as a repeater.


One of the things the community driver does do is let you control the indicator light. There is nothing I hate much more than devices that have a little light that tells you next to nothing, so it is nice to be able to just turn it off and let the repeater fade into the background.

Which driver let's you do that? I only found birds like wires one and that didn't appear but I didn't actually switch to it.

Could you link me that driver?

Posted removed because I'm an idiot and got confused about what stuff I have on my own network.

Wrong product/driver for what’s being discussed in this thread.


Yea I just came back to edit that post. You ever have one of those days where you swear you know all the devices you have, but you don't. That's me today.


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