IKEA Trådfri Outlet Status Not Updating

Since the last last update (before I have noticed that my IKEA Trådfri Outlet configured with a "Generic Zigbee Outlet" type, is not getting polled/updated after a status change.

So for example; if it's an off state, from the dashboard I turn it on, it turns on, then again via the dashboard I turn it off it turns off physically turns off but on the dashboard and under "Current States" is still marked as "switch: on".

I have to manually initiate the "Refresh" command under the Device to force it to resync/poll/update the status from the device. Previously it was a matter of seconds delay.

Could it be the IKEA Trådfri Outlet becoming faulty or, is there something I need to change/update with the new updates?

I've just tried with one of mine and it's working as expected, maybe a mesh issue?

After pairing, did you click "Configure" in the device details? This is necessary anytime you manually assign a generic driver to a device, so the platform can send the driver parameters to the device.


@gabriele - that could be indeed, though I did not notice on the other ZigBee devices.

@SmartHomePrimer - That I did not do, do I need to repair and then do "Configure" or can I just do it now?

You can just do it now. No need to repair.

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Could be a bad device. Some are reportedly flaky. They seem to have a small QC issue with these. Mine might not work either, but I wouldn’t know it because I only use them as Zigbee repeaters.

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Maybe its batch related, but I have three that are working ok. They're huge, so I've placed them in inconspicuous locations; like you, their primary use in my house is to build a good zigbee mesh.

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Seems as though the "Configure" button under device details seems to have solved the problem.

Thank you for the help!

I had the same problem today with three new outlets. During pairing they identified themselves nicely as "Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet" and use the appropriate driver, so I would assume the driver/configuration is right. The problem was solved after reading this post and clicking on "Configure" but I don't understand way. Can you explain what happens by clicking on "Configure"?


That sends the driver parameters to the device. Normally if the device fingerprint is known and the correct driver is automatically selected, that isn’t necessary. The reason for the button is when the right driver is not automatically selected, or a change of driver is required. Without pressing the button, the hub knows what is expected of the device, but the device doesn’t know how it’s expected to behave.

You can think of selecting the driver like being handed instructions. You can think of pressing the configure button like reading those instructions aloud so your partner can understand them too. :wink:


Like Joris, my outlets identified as "Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet" when paired but turning on/off was still very non-responsive at best: usually the tile just stayed stuck on with an hourglass icon and status didn't actually change. But, again like Joris, once I found this post and clicked on "Configure" the problem was instantly fixed.

Thank you for the info from SmartHomePrimer.

(And in this case it seems that it applies beyond the generic driver situation.)

Found this post which helped me resolve a similar issue. Thank you!

Does the "Configure" option need to be clicked after pairing all types of Zigbee and ZWave devices?

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Only when the correct driver isn’t automatically selected on pairing, or when a custom driver is manually set.