Ikea Tradfri driver trace logs

The built in driver has the ability to stop two types of logs but these guys still spill out tonnes of trace logs all the time. Can the HE driver be modded for another switch to kill Trace?
dev:1462021-04-08 03:02:12.366 inforoute info- Destination:This Hub, Next Hop:This Hub, Status:Inactive
dev:1462021-04-08 03:02:12.363 traceroute info- Destination:Guest Room Motion, Next Hop:Garage Motion 2, Status:Active
dev:1462021-04-08 03:02:12.351 traceroute info- Destination:Hallway Motion, Next Hop:Living Room Motion, Status:Active
dev:1462021-04-08 03:02:12.337 traceroute info- Destination:Garage Motion 2, Next Hop:Garage Motion 2, Status:Active

which driver is this?

2.2.7 will have an option to turn this logging off