IKEA Tradfri Bulbs - notes on compatibility

The latest C7 firmware update has given me the opportunity to revisit my zigbee lighting setup, so I wanted to share the results of a lengthy process of updating and rechecking IKEA Tradfri bulb compatibility...

On the latest firmware, and on the latest 'Zigbee 3.0' firmware from IKEA - updated via thier hub, I'm now able to use all current models in the IKEA Tradfri bulb lineup with the Hubitat built-in Advanced Zigbee Drivers - including PowerRestoreState setting (although with some there is a momentary low level on/off). This applies to the CWS(RGBW) bulbs too.

I'll write up a table of what I've tested, model numbers, and IKEA firmware version in use if anyone is interested.


can you update ikea firmware on hubitat?


Ikea seems to use a different file format than other vendors.

I use their hubs to update the firmware of their devices I have.

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