Ikea Tradfri 20% off for Black Friday

Starting Monday.. Tradfri on sale 20% off.

I've had good luck with a couple of the twist dimmers, bulbs and their LED/Driver modules. Even the regular prices are great... so 20% off is extra sweet.

Didn't see the Repeater called out, but I need to grab a couple of those...


Ikea Canada is having another 20% off sale that ends tomorrow.
I just ordered 12 Fyrtur blinds and another 4 Tradfri plugs. Saved a ton!

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I've had a link to that sale bookmarked for a few days. I'm afraid to look at it or I'll probably spend some money as well. I want to grab another sonos speaker and get one of the blinds and a couple plugs for the mesh. I have a devil on one shoulder fighting with the angel on the other.

If Sonos was able to be added to an Alexa multi-room audio group I'd have probably bought a few of those too. The table lamp ones sound amazing and look pretty cool too.

I’m all AirPlay 2 here. So it’s perfect for my need.

But I get why it can be frustrating for people when these manufacturers always have some kind of restriction in their devices.

I had two Symfonisks for a while. They were great on AirPlay2, but hated them with the Sonos App. Constantly started playing different things when I'd pause/restart one. I would pause the one in our dining room and the other one in the living room would start playing the last thing I was playing on it when I tried to resume the one in the dining room.

Returned the second one and went back to just having a single speaker.