Ikea symfonisk controller with Ikea bulbs


I have Ikea Symfonisk controller and Ikea bulbs. I would like to use the controller to dim bulbs up/down and toggle on/off.

There is a lot of posts regarding the controller, but I seems to get lost among older and never posts, drivers etc.

Can anyone point me to a easy to follow instruction for my setup ?? ( I am not a computer wizard :slight_smile: )

regards lg.

This is the thread;

Used with Rule Machine mine rotates to dim lights and click one, two or three times to toggle different bulbs.

Hi... thanks for your effort to help me,,, but I need more help :thinking:

I have installed this driver :thinking:

Then I installed this application:

I paired my IKEA symfonisk device following this steps:

  1. press 4 times fast on link button,,red led flashes
  2. start pairing
  3. save device
  4. press 4 times fast on link button,,red led flashes

Result can be seen here:

At the moment it looks like this in the device list.

What to do now ????

In the Device Information you need to change from β€œdevice” to the driver that you have just uploaded.

Once done you will see that operating the button will show in the device page (the top part) reflecting receiving the commands, if everything is OK.


I've tried that.

This is the "new" device configuration:

Then the device list is like this..

After that I created a button mapping using ABC. Shows upp as "Livingroom"

Currently my mapping is like this... ( just something to be able to set on/off to a bulb )

When pressing, turning etc on the physical device nothing happens, which I had expected.

In the top section of the device page pressing it or turning it should return the respective number. 1 for one press, 2 for double click, 3 for three, and so on.

Before programming its behavior, make sure the button is communicating correctly.

I dont think I have a correct communication. I seems like no events is passed to Button1 , etc.
I have tried to pair the Symfoni button a couple of times,,, seems not to make any difference,, so what is wrong?????
Any suggestions, ideas is must apriciated.

I suggest you re-discover de device, without deleting the current one. It should be discovered as a current devive.

While you re-pair the device, maintain the current's device page open, and as soon as the discovery page detects it as a current device, press the Configure button.

For some devices it is recommended that you keep them "awake" by turning it, or pressing it, once each second, before you press "Configure".

To have it correctly linked and paired is the starting point. If the device page does not show any command from the device, then it is not correctly paired.

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@lg.lindstrom It sounds like you simply missed the step of pressing the Configure button. If you do not do that after changing driver, the new driver parameters are not sent to the device. This only needs to be done once after changing the driver and clicking the "Save Device" button.

@BiGs This did it. I followed your advice and now it works. Thanks.

Thanks all who tried to help me... I learned alot.