IKEA signal repeaters

I have a number of the great IKEA signal repeaters. I have found that they seem to have really good range but recently I had some issues and found that two of the 5 repeaters had completely stopped working. Took me a while to diagnose this.

Could I ask for a feature enhancement please to have something that shows its still alive and active in the event log please?

Just enough for me to know it's still participating in the mesh without needing to hunt in the logs after clicking getroutetable().

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I've made the same request in the past for the same reason. Would it be possible to have the Last Activity field update when this device repeats?

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Repeaters don't send any data to the hub when they repeat frames.


Oh well - scratch that thought.

They do have a 30 minute checkin interval - using markus' generic repeater driver will allow you to monitor this.


The way I test if my Ikea Signal Repeaters still work is:

  1. Go to the Zigbee logging page and start Zigbee logging:
    (Settings, Zigbee Settings, etc.)

2.There are 2 buttons on the device page:

Press them both.

  1. Check back to the logging page to see if they are mentioned in the logs.
    If not, you know they are "off the reservation".

I'm not sure how to do that programmatically, but there must be a way.

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I already do that. Surely just sending a heartbeat to the device and logging it in the event log every few hours is a lot less work! I'd rather home automation serves me rather than me serving it but running around checking if it is alive myself.

Can’t be done programmatically, because this device doesn’t have the capability of actuator - so there’s no custom actions possible.

I didn't know there was another community driver for these that had exactly this. I just did a search and did not find it. Could you please post a link?

Hence me asking the platform owners for a feature request/enhancement....

Hubitat/drivers/expanded at release · markus-li/Hubitat

look for the generic zigbee repeater


And, if you're interested in more drivers with "Presence".
IMHO kind of a misnomer, more like "Online" or "Operational", but very useful no matter what it's called. :smile:

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