Ikea Shades

Hi There
I have a row of seven Ikea shades which ideally should all have the same position.

Would be nice that if I change one (could be the same everytime) the rest should follow to the same position.
I am aware of the shade button in dashboards, having a slider and I can live with that.
The nicest however would be af double switch push button, but that is not importent now
I have learned that Ikea Shades should run in a cascade mode, since they are generating a lot of data

You could do that with Rule Machine I'd think? Trigger the rule with the blind of your choice, allow a wait time for that blind to reach it's position, set a local variable to that blinds position, then set the rest of the blinds position to match that variable value.

Something like this:

There will probably be an easier and more elegant way of doing it and more experienced users may laugh at my attempts of a solution :rofl:

I just gave it a try and it works.

The rule above should work.

You could also try installing the built-in “Mirror” app. As I understand it, it will synchronize multiple devices, so that if one changes, the others will follow.

As an alternative, you could also set a group that would include all the blinds. Then you can control the group instead of the individual blinds. It would also allow you to try using the Zigbee group messaging and if that works, I think that they would all respond pretty much at the same time.

Thank you both, I will look at it at first given time

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Don't the blinds work on percentage of open. Can't you just create a group with all your shades than a rule to open all shades to whatever percentage?

Maybe, but I have not found a rule to manage that

I expect that it could be done within the Build-in app called: “Simple Rules”

You would just need to define what starts the rule (sunrise, sunset, certain time, motion, etc.) and then the % to set it the selected situation.

Feel free to ask questions if you get stuck.

In this set up button controler

Might give you some ideas, you could put delays in or wait for condition, one blind to reach a position then trigger the next, then trigger the next

Very simple rule here for me Opens to 60%