Ikea’s cheap smart blinds could finally make the perfect lazy Sunday morning complete

Smart shade/blind affordability per unit has been an issue. These look interesting.


Interesting, providing the battery can be replaced with a fixed power supply

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I don't see why not. Just a matter of time before someone 3D print an adapter.

I have 2.5 meters tall windows. Wonder if this work... lol

I have Hunter Douglas blinds and surprisingly the batteries last for a year. They don't get much action. Mainly open at sunrise and close at sunset. One of the windows is 120" wide too.

The crappy thing is that each takes 12 AA batteries so during the year I keep my eyes out for sales and stock up so it's not that expensive.

Yuck. If the battery pack is in the top part, I would need a ladder to get to it on almost every window I have. Hard pass.

I keep getting excited then immediately disappointing.
I've always known the term blinds to imply Venetian blinds...
Still have to make my own this winter then.
It's a good reason to get better at soldering and making.

One of the most famous home goods retailers in the world is expanding its smart home collection in the States this spring with its line of Fyrtur smart window shades, operable via physical remote, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. U.S. pricing hasn't been announced yet, but if it's similar to European pricing, a set of blinds will probably start at around $136. The new Ikea smart home addition will be available in American stores starting April 1

Still not quite cheap enough. Making them yourself comes to around $30-$40 per blind and can be done using HubDuino here. Takes a bit of doing, but they're pretty reliable once they're up.

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