Ikea repeaters not working any more

Hi Zsolt,

The last repeater data is the same as the previous one. So I suppose everything is working now and all the Zigbee repeaters show as online?

Online means that the repeaters are part of the HE Zigbee network and these repeaters can be used for repeating by the other devices if the devices themselves decide to.

Hi @kkossev -- I mentioned earlier that the Aeotec Zi extender (ZGA001) seems to work great with your driver (still is!). I should've sent the Zi's fingerprint in case it would be helpful to have on file -- here it is:

model: WG001-Z01
manufacturer: AL001
profileId: 0104
endpointId: 01
inClusters: 0000,0003
outClusters: 0003,0019
application: 42



Added into Zigbee - Generic Repeater (w/ healthStatus) ver 2.0.2


You da man - thank you!

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