Ikea Outlets and Alexa

I bought 2 IKEA outlets in 2020 and had some difficulty getting Alexa to control them, but eventually succeeded by toggling off/on the "Exclude Hubitat Hue Devices" in Hubitat/Apps/ Alexa.

I have now purchased a further 2 to replace troublesome WiFi devices with Zigbee.
However although these are easily found on Hubitat Devices, I cannot get them to show on the Alexa app and therefore cannot get voice control.
Could anyone assist please?

You mean the phone app?

Did you explicitly check these devices in the Amazon Echo Skill app on HE? You may also have to click the "UPDATE" button if these are new devices and they don't already appear on the list of available devices.

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Hello Brad5. Thank you very much for your input and you guided me to the solution.
I had assumed (foolishly) that because I had two of the same devices working, this would enable recognition of the new ones. I have now corrected this and both new ones are working.
I do wish that the "Select Devices" command could be more prominent than it is, because I had forgotten that this was anything more important than a heading.
Many thanks for going to the trouble to respond.

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