IKEA motion sensor

A community driver by @Royski (click on the quote below for the driver code)

Hi All,

just checking if there's still no support for ikea motion sensor? Cheers

no there is no support for the ikea motion sensor and all signs point to no support in the immediate future

Thanks. @helene7t7!
could you please give your opinion in a good sensor?
I'm looking for humidity & motion sensor all in one, seems to have trouble finding such item.
I could only fine Aeotec multi sensor, it's pricey and Z-wave. I'm trying to stick with Zigbee only.


Check NYCE, it's zigbee and it has 5 year battery life, several form factors, however cheap these aren't, but then you get what you pay for...

Iris 3rd gen


I have other Iris stuff but not this specific one. But meets your requirements of humidity, motion, temp, works with Hubitat and decent price. Other Iris stuff I've used has been quality.

I swear that should be on your gravestone mike. :grin:

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I have Aqara Motion sensors and they work great. They don't have humidity sensors build in but u can buy them separate. They are both fairly small and cost about 12 USD on Aliexpress.


Thanks @Kasper, I thought of buying them too. But as you said, with aqara, I need to get separate one.
I have aqara wall switch no neutral, and aqara buttons. The wall switch works great, but the button kept going to sleep for some reason. I also have some IKEA outlets as I thought from different articles I found, should improve my zigbee mesh, but the button kept going to sleep.
I am just concern if the aqara sensor will behave similarly to the button.

Have you had any issues with aqara devices gone to "sleep"?

My overall experience with aquara is very positive. Except from a few times they work perfect. Buttons (the square one with the round press) can be a bit unreliable, but I think it's to do with the hardware (poor build quality) not the software. They have never gone to sleep for me I think.


same here, experience with Aqara positive, relays, thermomenters, motion sensors all work great.
By the way, this seems to be new product from IKEA, at least here, anyone tried it yet?

Looks exactly the same as the one I tried, which does not work.

Why? Because it doesn't work? Or because you just don't want to? It would give a lot of options to those NOT living in the USA.

Creating an integration with Ikeas gateway is not a priority for us at this time.

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Ikea integration is limited even with other platforms. You can't see remotes for example.

Like with Xiaomi, Ikea products aren't favored by the staff here. Ideally, the hope is that you buy compatible products.

The reality is that you will have to look else where. I use Home assistant with Hubitat. There is a MQTT integration or on the HA forums a HACS integration.


I know, I do use MQTT with rpi's and other stuff. I'm just hoping there will be some more NON USA support, since most of the things on the compatibility list aren't for sale here in Europe.


Same as the last one which means it sends a on/off Zigbee command to a group it is joined to and therefor not supported and impossible to write a custom driver for currently.

Join it to a SmartThings hub and use HubConnect or join it to deConz with a Conbee stick and then use Kevin’s MQTT solution are your only options at the moment.

But I agree despite IKEAs failure to follow the Zigbee standard here it would be really nice to have these joined directly to HE!

Here is the smartthings device type, i tried to see if i could ge tit to towrok in HE but all it would report is the battery percent

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This has been mentioned in a few places, but I'm not sure if this thread is one of them: the Ikea motion sensor works via TouchLink to one or more bulbs (ideally set up on Ikea's system but it can be done without their app/gateway, too). It does group broadcasting only, and Hubitat does not support this on the inbound side (i.e., to the hub). It was a pretty recent addition to ST, presumably to accommodate odd devices like Ikea's that tend to do this. It is unlikely Hubitat will add support for this, and most devices don't do this.

If you see a line like addHubToGroup(Integer groupAddr) in the ST DTH as you do on line 156 in this DTH, it's probably bad news for Hubitat. :slight_smile:


Would they if enough of their customers wants it?