IKEA motion sensor

You know home assistant collaborated with Ikea for their integration. Home assistant said it was very helpful. Have you tried reaching out to them?

Did they do a hub to hub integration?


Yeah, we're not interested in doing that with them.

At first, thank you for your response!
Both Ikea Motion Sensor and their new dimmer button can be paired easily. By default they connect as device.

No luck with Motion Sensor to get anything from logs - nothing. I tried set it as Device, then as different Motion Sensor and not a single line in logs.

The dimmer button is different. When I set it as Zigbee switch I can see number of buttons and battery state in the logs. But I do not see any click events :-/ I think that device handler can make it work?

I understand that supporting Motion Sensor is not a priority since there are other options in the same price range and even smaller (Xiaomi for example).
But the dimmer button feels high quality (material and feel of the clicks), it has two buttons on/off and also long press on them. And its cheaper than most of the others buttons, plus you can get it in one set with Tradfri bulb and then it is about 30% of price - its not a good deal, its steal!

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So these probably won't work with Hubitat as-is; it's likely they use group broadcasting only or something that Hubitat doesn't support. A couple other Ikea products are like this, so it's not surprising. I'm guessing here, but if you have a ZLL bulb paired to Hubitat and want the motion sensor to control it in a semi-"dumb" fashion, you could probably still do that by linking the sensor to the bulb using Ikea's instructions (I think holding them near and holding the button on the sensor for about 10 seconds or until the bulb stops blinking) after having both paired to Hubitat. You'll lose any of Hubitat's ability to make it "smart" since you still won't see or be able to use it in Hubitat, but you can still use it with a Hubitat bulb that way--and the Ikea sensor has a few built-in options like timeout and light sensitivity (probably due to limitations of their own system), so you at least get some configuration.

These are not officially supported, either, so they are certainly not what Hubitat staff would recommend. :slight_smile: That being said, many community members have been able to make them work. There is a large thread here dedicated to what you need to know to pair and keep them connected (Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected), but most of it is summarized in the first post and boils down to: be careful what Zigbee repeaters you use.

A community driver by @Royski (click on the quote below for the driver code)

Hi All,

just checking if there's still no support for ikea motion sensor? Cheers

no there is no support for the ikea motion sensor and all signs point to no support in the immediate future

Thanks. @helene7t7!
could you please give your opinion in a good sensor?
I'm looking for humidity & motion sensor all in one, seems to have trouble finding such item.
I could only fine Aeotec multi sensor, it's pricey and Z-wave. I'm trying to stick with Zigbee only.


Check NYCE, it's zigbee and it has 5 year battery life, several form factors, however cheap these aren't, but then you get what you pay for...

Iris 3rd gen


I have other Iris stuff but not this specific one. But meets your requirements of humidity, motion, temp, works with Hubitat and decent price. Other Iris stuff I've used has been quality.

I swear that should be on your gravestone mike. :grin:

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I have Aqara Motion sensors and they work great. They don't have humidity sensors build in but u can buy them separate. They are both fairly small and cost about 12 USD on Aliexpress.


Thanks @Kasper, I thought of buying them too. But as you said, with aqara, I need to get separate one.
I have aqara wall switch no neutral, and aqara buttons. The wall switch works great, but the button kept going to sleep for some reason. I also have some IKEA outlets as I thought from different articles I found, should improve my zigbee mesh, but the button kept going to sleep.
I am just concern if the aqara sensor will behave similarly to the button.

Have you had any issues with aqara devices gone to "sleep"?

My overall experience with aquara is very positive. Except from a few times they work perfect. Buttons (the square one with the round press) can be a bit unreliable, but I think it's to do with the hardware (poor build quality) not the software. They have never gone to sleep for me I think.


same here, experience with Aqara positive, relays, thermomenters, motion sensors all work great.
By the way, this seems to be new product from IKEA, at least here, anyone tried it yet?

Looks exactly the same as the one I tried, which does not work.

Why? Because it doesn't work? Or because you just don't want to? It would give a lot of options to those NOT living in the USA.

Creating an integration with Ikeas gateway is not a priority for us at this time.

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