IKEA E26 Tradfri LED

Hi, I was able to pair one my IKEA bulbs and it works fine (I have 4) using the Zigbee discover option a few weeks ago. Now Iā€™m trying to add the other ones but for some reason is not working. They are brand new.

Have you tried resetting the bulbs? I know they're new, but sometimes this still helps (or is necessary). For the Tradfri bulbs, I think it's toggling the power six times quickly (ending with them on), but the documentation you got with the bulb should say(-ish) for sure.

Also, do you have any other types of Zigbee devices on your network? I'm not sure that people have noticed problems with Ikea bulbs specifically, but many smart bulbs are poor Zigbee repeaters and can cause problems for other types of devices (non-bulb Zigbee devices) on your network in that they'll fail to repeat their messages on occasion. They're fine if they're all you have. These problems are well documented here in this forum, on others, as well as in the Hubitat documentation. Just something to consider!

I do have some Sylvania outlets

Thanks, so do I have to remove the other devices in other for them to work ?

Probably not--if there's a problem, it's usually that they'll cause the other devices to have problems. You didn't say if you've tried resetting the bulbs, so I'd do that if you haven't, then put the hub into Zigbee pairing mode and see if they are discovered.

I tried resetting the bulbs, nothing any suggestions?

Did you see anything happen when they were reset? They should flash a few times. If they don't, I'd verify that the reset procedure you're using is correct (and that you really have Tradfri bulbs if you're not sure; Ikea sells a bunch of non-smart bulbs, too). If they do and that still doesn't work, I'm not sure what else you could try. How many Zigbee devices total do you have? (Asking because if it's close to 32, you might be running into some limits, but not likely with bulbs and your repeater.) Are they within the range of your hub or another repeater (this should include the bulbs themselves, as you may remember from the explanation of why they can be problematic)?

I've just started moving may Ikea E26 bulbs from my Wink hub over to the Hubitat Elevation. The bulbs did not join easily, but I have found a sequence that works for all my bulbs.

  1. First, the bulbs must be 'removed' from the Wink hub.
  2. Reset the bulbs using the 6 off-on toggles of the bulb power
  3. The bulbs indicate a successful reset by flashing the bulb. When that happens, turn off the bulbs power.
  4. Start a Zigbee search on H.E.
  5. Apply power to the bulbs you want to add. At this point they should show up in the search
  6. If/When the process gets hung in the "Initializing..." phase, cycle the bulb power once more. This gets past the initialization.
  7. Name and use the bulbs.
    Hope this helps.

Thanks! I got them all working now. Thanks!

Has anyone been able to change the settings of the Tradfri LED 1000lm bulb? I would like to change from the soft white to the cool white or start dimming the bulb? Appreciate any help. Thank you,

I've used one on Hue integrated with Hubitat and was able to fully access all those features. I believe it should work similarly when directly paired to Hubitat. What driver are you using? "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" would be the appropriate one. Click "Configure" after you change to that driver if it wasn't automatically chosen.

wow, awesome. changing from Generic Zigbee Bulb to Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) resulted in more settings including Color Temperature. thank you very much @bertabcd1234