IKEA Bulb + HE + HomeKit


I’ve paired two IKEA Tradfri bulbs with the HE hub (C7) used in an overhead ceiling fan. Took a couple of tries but it seems to be working fairly well now. I’ve been using the HomeKit (beta) integration to expose these to HomeKit. I’m also using a motion sensor that’s paired to HE and also passed through to HomeKit to control the lights.

The problem is, the lights are only coming on at about 40% brightness when HomeKit (HK) turns them on (whether via motion sensor or just from the on/off light switch). I’ve gone into the HE settings and tried to set the lights at 3000k and 100% brightness. Sometimes, I can get that to work but somehow that setting isn’t getting passed along to HK. I’ve double checked and the sliders confirm that HK is turning them on at 100% but it simply isn’t.

I can’t quite figure out where the issue lies. Any ideas? This is the first time I’ve paired a light directly to HE so perhaps I’m doing something wrong or missing something. I’d truly appreciate any assistance or advice. Thanks so much in advance!

Extra info: I’m using the latest version of HE firmware and there have been a few updates since pairing the lights that have all worked the same way. I’ve tried using both the Generic CT Bulb (it’s the white tuneable bulb) and I’ve also used the Advanced CT Bulb for the device types. Both also act the same way and don’t turn on via HK with full brightness.

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