iHome Cloud Terminates service

Another IOT Cloud provider terminates it’s service. iOS users can go local with homekit, but Android users… dont have a lot of options.

May be able to go in through the Alexa side door to control these - virtual switch on HE and a couple of Alexa routines per device.

Does the integration on here go through the cloud or direct to the device?

Here's one. Fire up an instance of Home Assistant, and use the HomeKit Controller integration to add these iHome devices to HA and control them locally. Even better than using their soon-to-disappear cloud. Then bring the HA devices into Hubitat using Home Assistant Device Bridge.

I think that won't work, because the Alexa integration also depends on their cloud staying up (unlike the HomeKit integration).

Through the cloud. But the suggestion I've made above will let you control them locally.

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