Ignore lights that are off when activating a scene?

Is there an option to ignore adjusting lights that are off in a scene? I have a few scenes that adjust most lights in the house at certain times. If somebody have turned lights off they the turn on when I scene gets activated.
I have tried to find an option like “ignore lights that are off” or similar but I haven’t found one. Since there are a lot of lights I dont want to have multiple scenes and rules if one light is off etc.

If I understand it, you are looking for a way to stop your scene from turning on lights that were last turned off manually by someone in the house?

There is not built-in way to do this that I am aware. An app could probably be built to check if the last “off” event was not “Digital”, but this would only work on switches that support the distinction between “Digital” and not - I know Inovelli and Lutron support this.

I know the (relatively) new LIFX built-in drivers have a "color pre-staging" option in the device. Not sure how many others may support this, but if available for your devices, this would allow the scene to apply the new settings without tuning on the bulb (for them to turn on you would need to enable the "explicit on" option in the scene).

Hope this helps!

I was thinking if an option in the scenes app that don’t adjust lights that are reported as off.
In a RM rule I could use ex. IF NOT off THEN ADJUST LIGHT for every single light but that doesn't seems like a good way to do it.
Maybe this is something @bravenel can include in the scenes app? :slight_smile:

The purpose of scenes is to have a device or set of a devices switch to a particular state (the "scene"). If you don't want a scene to act like a scene... perhaps using scenes isn't a good fit for your use case.


I read this request earlier today, and was trying to come up with something as an alternative. But everything comes back to what you say. A scene is a scene.

If you want it to not be this particular scene, you need a different scene triggered by alternative means, or something like Rule Machine or even a custom app.

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Sort of agree, sort of don't. :wink:

There are many options\exceptions in the Motion Lighting app, including one to not turn on lights if they are already on. This seems like it is a request in the same family... Ignore\don't adjust lights in the scene if they are off.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this doesn't seem like a crazy idea. And programmatically doesn't seem like it would be difficult to implement.

Then again, I like salty licorice, so... :scream:


If you could use Motion Lighting to activate the scene then just use the below turn-on option in Motion Lighting

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