Ignition Maker Edition

Ignition from Inductive Automation just released a home version of their superior SCADA software for building/machine automation and data collection. It's free! I program in it nearly everyday at work and I can tell you it is far more user friendly than the competition (lookin' at you Wonderware).

Leveraging the power of Ignition to monitor and control devices connected to Hubitat would seriously change the market. I have already setup an API to run my MyQ garage doors, works great. Rule machines would migrate to powerful Python scripts, the dashboards would be super fast webpages, you could trend data to a database....I don't see a down side.

EDIT: OK my 1st post sounded too negative. So take 2.

Ignition is pretty neat, but I don't expect that many people are interested in running external server software and/or mucking around in python (technically jython). If Ignition would allow non-partners to make plugins for it (I don't think they do, but I could be wrong), it would be possible for an end user to do it via Maker API.

Not sure why "too negative" would come into play, it's just an open discussion of possibilities, it's all good.
You're right, plug 'n play/pray/pay users probably don't want to strain brain muscles on something like this. I happen to find it fun and relaxing, making things work, I'm just weird like that. Technically yes, it is Jython, but looking up Python help on the net is more fruitful.
My server is running Ignition at 0-2% CPU and max of 2GB RAM, it barely knows it's there. I'll install something for a database soon. Maker API exposes everything you need to leverage status and commands from Ignition and no plugin required, just use httpGet commands, easy peasy. BTW, thanks for the thought of using Maker API.
This is awesome, my dashboards load in a second, I can have any graphic on them, devices respond instantly, cameras (from Blue Iris) are clear and fast. I really liked Hubitat before this, but now I think it went 10 fold for me.

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I may have a bit of experience with the dark side that is Wonderware. Have wondered about scalability of Ignition in a non-home environment. Will certainly tinker with this in the home.

This sounds like the main downside to me. I do enjoy many of the DIY aspects that come with the low-cost segment of the home automation market that hubitat inhabits. But in general, since I don’t know anything about computer programming, I would rather use the hub’s built-in solutions, including dashboards and rule machine.

I am a big fan of Ignition, been using it for years with my industrial manufacturing clients. What would be great is to see Hubitat create and MQTT gateway. Something that took all my devices from any network and get them to MQTT, that would give me a direct path to Ignition. Essentially use hubitat like remote IO in the industrial world. Could write my automations in Ignition, at least something I understand better than Rule Machine. Or I wish Siemens would come out with a Zigbee/Zwave radio so I could write my automations in ladder logic.

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We are a big user of Ignition over the past few years, especially since Perspective has matured. 25+ years working with various HMI's, it is nice to see where things are finally going.

Can I ask you what your procedure is for linking Hubitat and Ignition Make Edition? I will be installing Maker Edition this weekend and wanted to get a head start on how the linking works. Thanks in advance.