IFTTT with Blink - Arming Works Fine for 3 Systems but Disarming one is intermittent

So this is a little complicated but I'll do my best to explain. I have three Blink Systems:

  1. Indoor - Downstairs
  2. Indoor - Upstairs
  3. Outdoor

I also have 3 virtual switches in Hubitat that correspond to each of these systems.

I use Mode Manager to control Away / Home (Day, Evening, Night) modes and the virtual switches are doing exactly what they're supposed to do. When everyone leaves, all 3 switches turn on and when someone returns, 2 of the switches turn off (both Indoor systems). I rarely turn off the outdoor cameras so for the sake of simplicity, we can ignore those.

So when someone leaves, the two indoor camera systems arm fine (two switches turn on - two camera systems arm). That's working perfectly. However, when someone returns, only one system is disarming (and it's always the upstairs one). I've deleted and recreated the applet that's not running and even deleted and recreated the Hubitat service (and all 6 applets to do the above), but that one in particular will not fire and I have no idea why. There's no errors that I can see. Just no trigger / activity.

I had this exact same setup in SmartThings and it worked there until I disabled it (to move to Hubitat).

I'm at a loss for what to try next. Any suggestions?

I found that the IFTTT Blink integration was unpredictable when I was trying to arm/disarm multiple Blink sync modules in rapid succession. I put in an 8 second delay between Blink commands and it has worked fine since.

Not to be dense - but how did you do that? That's interesting though. It always worked fine on ST and it works fine to Arm them, just not Disarm that one system.

Well, actually I believe I found I had to do this when I was using SmartThings, and just kept the same logic in Hubitat. But whenever I found the issue, it was reproducible.

I may not be interfacing with Blink in the optimal way, but it was the only way I could at the time. I have virtual switches in Hubitat to "Tell Blink to arm ..." and "Tell Blink to disarm ..." for each sync module. My IFTTT is simply "If virtual switch .. then arm ...", etc. The delay is in my RM rule for reacting to a mode change. In other words, I don't use the mode change as the trigger in IFTTT directly.

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Sho 'nuf. I put a 2 second delay in on one of the switches and it got them both. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for the suggestion.


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