IFTTT reliability? Can't send mulitiple triggers?

Hello, I've been trying to integrate my Blink and Wyze cameras with HE using IFTTT like I was with Smartthings. I thought this would be pretty straightforward, but I was wrong.

I've made virtual switches for each of my Wyze cameras and one for Blink. I created applets where when I turn one of the switches on, it should pass through IFTTT and turn on the Wyze or Blink cameras. This works pretty well when I turn the switches on individually from the dashboard for instance, but when I run it in Rule Machine it fails to turn on or off all the cameras.

I've created a rule where when HSM is armed-way, turn on the cameras. When disarmed, then turn off the cameras. I can see the switches change in the dashboard. In the HE log, I can see that all the switches were triggered, but when I go to IFTTT's Blink or Wyze activity, it might show maybe 2 of 3 triggers being received.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

I had an issue with IFTTT when I had two virtual switches triggering events one after the other. I put an 8 second delay on the second action, and that fixed it. In other words,

Off: Virtual Switch to Tell Blink to do one thing
On: Virtual Switch to Tell Blink to do another thing -- delayed: 0:00:08

Thank you for the suggestion! I was planning on doing this as a last resort, but was hoping to avoid that. Splitting out the switches into its own action is a bit tedious in RM.

I was scratching my head about what was so tedious about it, but I think I see what you are saying. You want to turn the virtual switches on within HSM and there's no option for a delay there. OK .. I just have a rule for additional actions to take when mode changes, but I understand your desire for having it in one place.

Turning on devices in HSM would be nice like it is in SmartThings' SHM, but I'm ok with that.

I was talking about Rule Machine being somewhat tedious to me. Each new action takes a number of clicks and drop down scrolling: Click Insert before dropdown, scroll through choices of created actions, select. Wait for HE to complete whatever it's doing. Then click action choice dropdown, scroll through action choices, What was I looking for again? Oh yeah. Select. Wait for HE to complete whatever it's doing. Click lists of devices. scroll through list of devices. select. Wait again etc...

On: Wyze 1, Wyze 2, Wyze 3, Wyze 4, Wyze 5, Blink
On: Wyze 1
On: Wyze 2 --> Delayed 0:00:08
On: Wyze 3 --> Delayed 0:00:08
On: Wyze 4 --> Delayed 0:00:08
On: Wyze 5 --> Delayed 0:00:08
On: Blink --> Delayed 0:00:08

Then there are the off commands.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm not using Rule Machine the right way!

You also cannot use the same trigger for two IFTTT applets. If you do, neither of them will fire.

Why don't you just enable motion on all your wyze cams in one IFTTT applet?

You can use a single virtual switch to turn on all of your wyze cameras but you can't be selective using a single virtual switch.

I use the Maker API app in HE along with Webhooks services in IFTTT to turn individual cameras on with a single virtual HE switch. This does take multiple IFTTT automations, one for each camera but you can use the same maker event in HE to trigger each different wyze camera change. Then when I want to turn all currently monitoring cameras off I use the HE virtual switch and a single IFTTT applet.

There have been times when the Wyze to HE connection would not work for a few days and when this happens I've switched over to the Maker Webhooks method and found it to be a bit more reliable.

It would be easier to use one virtual switch turning on be the trigger in your IFTTT applet to turn on all your wyze cams. MUCH simpler that way.

@Ryan780 Thank you for the suggestion. I did create different triggers for each wyze virtual switch. I set it up exactly as I did in smartthings, but in smartthings it seemed to work. The reason I don't just have one virtual switch for all cameras and use ifttt to switch on/off "All Cameras" instead of the individual ones separately is because in night mode, I only want one camera on. I considered creating a trigger for all cameras and one for the individual camera that I only want to work in night mode, the night mode camera virtual switch may get out of sync i.e. it might say it's on but might actually be off because the all camera ifttt applet turned it off.

@mpoole32 I had considered using the webhooks for switching on/off the wyze cameras, but not in the way you use it. I was just going to have a rule that sends the http request when a wyze virtual switch turns on, but I'm not sure how the Maker API would fit in. Isn't the Maker API used for interacting just with devices on the HE?

Anyways, I was afraid that HE wouldn't be able to send multiple webhook requests in the same way it can't send the virtual switch changes to IFTTT. I probably should at least try.

I ended up using @HAL9000 suggestion of delaying every switch change. This also taught me something about Rule Machine. I thought the actions happened in succession that is, turn on Wyze 2 after an 8 second delay, then the next action would kickoff, wait 8 seconds turn on Wyze 3. etc.. But when I looked at the dashboard, it looked like all of the actions were kicked off at the same time, that is after the delay of 8 seconds they all turned on at the same time. I had to stagger the delays 8, 16, 24 and so on.

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