IFTTT Multiple Hubs

Maybe this is a question for the IFTTT forum (is there one?) - I have more than one hub - I know I can create more than one account on IFTTT, but is that necessary, or is there a better way?

Or.... has someone already asked and answered and I just suck at searching :innocent:

It's an interesting question and I have not seen it on the forum.
For speed or reliability (one hub lost connectivity due to power or network connection) talking to IFTTT then it's better to have an IFTTT per account but if you are using it to link the two hubs then hub link is the way to go.

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Its actually unrelated activities - I've some plants at work hooked up to an aging quirky power pivot which at the moment I can't control very well, but it usually works, either via the Wink app or IFTTT (Ditched my Wink hub several years ago as a primary anything - sometimes I turn it on to see if anything interesting's changed).

There's a variety of other ways to do this, but its also not the first time I've wanted to use multiple hubs with IFTTT (same issue with Smartthings).

Meh, minor inconvenience :wink:

I know about wink. I used stringify to connect wink and smartthings before. It was a pain but way faster than IFTTT. I finally pulled the wink 2 plugs couple weeks ago. but still have 20 more quirky outlink plugs to remove. Not looking forward to this.

Yeah - I really liked the outlink plugs when they worked. Had them hooked up to my ST and it would grab the cost of energy without being pre-set and calculate (probably not supper accurately) the current usage cost etc.

The power pivot though is a stand alone (ish) device with wifi. In theory I shouldn't need anything but a wink account to set it up. But its not quick - even through wink directly.. its on my 'replace and toss' list..

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