IFTTT integration in Google Assistant will break! 😒

Google is changing the known IFTTT integration:

Among other things, this means:
Google Assistant triggers that allow a variable input (i.e. text via $, or number via #) will no longer be supported! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This means: From September on the complete voice control of my home automation system (realized via Hubitat) will no longer work! :disappointed_relieved:

Any ideas?

What I need: Speech recognation, where the recognized text is send to an URL.

BTW: I have installed a Google Mini in every room of the house to have voice control everywhere. :roll_eyes:

why use IFTTT and not the built-in Google Home app?

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I think what you are looking for is exactly what Google doesn't want others to do. You can probably move your applets to Google Home routines/ Assistant shortcuts. They want first hand commands to go to them directly.

  1. Google Home doesn't support all device manufacturers.
  2. Google Home cannot control Zigbee devices.
  3. Try implementing something like "ok google, get temp in all rooms" with Google Home.
  4. IFTTT/Hubitat/Groovy allows much more "AI".
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Unfortunately, this does not work for triggers with variable phrases.
Starting in September, via IFTTT you will only be able to call scenes.

I know, they don't want 3rd party integrations to use their Assistant that way. At least not official integrations. I am surprised they allowed IFTTT for so long. You could probably find a workaround, and I am sure others will chime in.

"Millions of people have connected Google Assistant to IFTTT and enabled thousands of Applets, ranging from funny party tricks to helping increase accessibility within their smart home. We would like to extend our apologies for the inconveniences this upcoming change may bring. We will continue to work closely with the team at Google to make the new Google Assistant service as powerful as we can, and your feedback is greatly welcomed. Please share your feedback with Google at @MadeByGoogle on Twitter or reach out to our team via customer support." https://ifttt.com/explore/google-assistant-changes


Google is only responding with automatic answers... :roll_eyes:

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I don't know why anyone is surprised when Google disables or stops supporting something. There are literally hundreds of examples of this over the years. https://killedbygoogle.com It actually surprises me when they DO keep something running for a long time.

My theory is that they hire an intern to do a project, and when the intern leaves, they relegate that project to the graveyard.


So, what is your solution? :thinking:

I don't have a solution, and I don't (won't) buy any Google devices. I have been burned (and angry) way too many times to keep supporting them.

Like I said it doesn't shock me that Google would do this without finding a way to accommodate users. Look at the Nest fiasco among other things.

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Don't get me going on the Nest BS....#fierymad


I suspect that you will have to rethink how some things are done. Maybe some can be done some other way, and some just won’t be possible anymore.

My recommendation would be to try another approach, and create a new topic with your use case if you can’t get it to work just right. Others in the community might have had to deal with a similar use case and might have some ideas…

I personally do not use IFTTT and gave up on Google home a while ago… I still have their devices, but barely if ever use them anymore. Mostly I rely on automation via rules - if the outside temperature is… or if the inside humidity is… and there is motion here, or there, do this or that…. I have a lot of rules (some would say too many) and generally, it works quite well. When it doesn’t, I will occasionally send a command via Alexa, or on some occasions use a dashboard.


People still use IFTTT?


Till now! :angry:

It's only one IFTTT trigger to rule them all:
Everything (with a certain code word) is webhook'd to my Hubitat, where I parse the commands with a little help of Groovy...

But what is your solution? :thinking:

I'll be honest. I don't have one, maybe tasker? Or are you on apple (then never mind)? I stopped using IFTTT a long time ago because it was always flaky as heck and half the time my stuff didn't work. Most of what I was trying to do with IFTTT ive been able to do with Tasker, but by no means am i proficient in it. Mostly by trial and error and surprises when something actuly works! But I know there are some here that are quiet proficient with tasker, maybe a seperate thread asking for advice with Tasker?


I'm already using Tasker a lot (Android user here)! :smiley:

Among other things, Tasker is my "interface" for devices that do not have an open API (or Hubitat integration), but do send notifications, so that I can report at least their statuses to Hubitat. :wink:

However, I don't see how Tasker can help me with speech recognition...
As I've understood, Tasker add ons like AutoVoice depends also on Google Assistant; I'm afraid these will soon no longer work either. :cry:

If this feature is critical to you, it's time to switch to Alexa. They have allowed others to tap into Alexa voice since the very beginning and I don't think they have plans to take it back.


BTW, what I'm talking about:

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