IFTTT Hubitat Temperature Applet

Hi, new user here. I am trying to get an alert from my temperature monitor using IFTTT to send me an email when the temperature changes.

I see that there is an applet created when the temperature of a device drops below a threshold but I don't see one when the temperature goes above a threshold. Am I missing something?

HI, Welcome to HE.

I don't use IFTTT mostly because as I understand it the implementation is on a website. My goal for coming to HE is to get away from the web. Although I understand to send an eMail (or text) you must go through the internet.

Have you looked into the Rule-Machine? Its quite capable and local.

IFTTT is most powerful when you make your own Applets.
I've never found the pre-made one's useful.
Click your username which opens a dropdown menu. Then New Applet.
Then choose Hubitat as the trigger assuming you've connected Hubitat.
Select temperature rises above like below:

Then as the action have it send an email.

It should look like this when you're done:

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As @JohnRob suggested you can do this all local with Rule Machine (if not familiar with it) go to your Apps menu and select "Load New App" Install "Rule Machine".

Then go in and play with it. You can setup a rule to notify you when temp rises or lowers on a device or multiple devices and beyond.

Play with and see ... the beautiful thing is if internet goes out - you can still perform notifications since it's all local.

I think pushover is the push notification system of choice that Rule Machine can use. I don't have experience with it though. I will look into it if you get stuck and need some help @TempMonMan .

Thanks to everyone who is posting. I was trying different options from Hubitat including rule machine but I didn't see an email option - maybe I didn't go far enough?

Ideally, what I would like is the ability to send an email over to my internal email server rather than using an external one to process. Is this possible?

I tried clicking "New Applet" but I don't see any other options. It just takes me to a screen that has a link that doesn't seem to give me any other options.

Am I in the wrong spot?

Also, I was going add an image of the screen I am getting but it says I can't add images to a post?

I'm pretty sure there's no "email" function built into Rule Machine.
You can do some pretty interesting HTTP requests.
Maybe your best bet would be to create some sort of internal web service that could receive those and send out emails.
I have no idea how you would go about that but I feel like your scenario is pretty unique...

Any idea why I wouldn't be taken to the screen you sent above when I click on New Applet? I am not even getting that option.

My scenario is probably unique for home users because most probably don't have their own email server but there are probably many businesses that do. It would be nice to see that as an option.

I was thinking of the business implications as I've come across that requirement in my professional life.

For IFTTT have you connected the Hubitat service?
You do it in the Apps section of Hubitat. You must select your temperature sensor when filling out the fields in this App.

Yes, I added it there and added the temperature sensor but when I click on New Sensor, it takes me to this page:


I don't see any options like you showed in your first reply.

Sorry, it wouldn't let me actually post a URL either. Is this a limitation because I am a new user? Not being able to post pictures and URLs?

You might need a certain amount of days on the forum to post images.

Where did you click new sensor?

I am on the IFTTT website. I click on my name in the upper right hand corner, from the drop down, I click New Applet (sorry, mistyped, not new sensor).

It takes me to ifttt dotcom/create (replace dotcom with .com)

I've made a video of the process.

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Well, apparently I am now special so I can post links and images. This is what I see when I click on New Applet:

It takes me to:

Ah, very helpful! I was looking all over and didn't realize the "+this" was a link. I was click on the link below that to build my own service.

Thanks! I'll give it a try now.

No problem. Good luck.

Ok, that worked but now I am getting greedy.

Is there a way to set "normal" temperature parameters and receive an email when it goes out of normal parameters and then another one when it goes back into normal range?

If not, is there a way to say if high temperature threshold is triggered, meaning it is currently at say 74 degrees, and it drops back below 73 degrees, send an email one time and be done.

Right now, it seems the applets I have would not do this because it would just keep sending me email alerts if the temperature is below the set value (73).

Ok, maybe I am over thinking this. I believe it sends continuous emails while it is outside of the high limit, so it should stop if it falls back under. I think that will work.

You would have to create another IFTTT Rule.
It's not that robust.

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