IFTTT command vs. state change for Nexx garage

I'm trying to integrate my Nexx Garage door opener with Hubitat by using IFTTT to send open/close commands through Nexx but have an issue with trying to sync Manual state changes via physical switch.

Setup is like this:
"IF" Hubitat Virtual Garage Door Controller OPEN/CLOSE "THEN" IFTTT tells Nexx to OPEN/CLOSE.

The problem is when I manually open the door. I can see this via a Z-wave contact sensor, which I would want to update the state of my Hubitat Virtual Garage Door controller to Open/Close but I wouldn't want it to trigger the IFTTT event which would tell Nexx to do the same thing.

I was hoping to use a Button or something to send commands instead of monitoring open/closed state but it doesn't look like there is an applet for Hubitat buttons in IFTTT. I read a similar issue someone was suggesting to have a sync event but that's basically what this is doing to begin with via the virtual garage controller. The only other thing I could think of is there a way to silently update my virtual garage controller without triggering the state change to IFTTT in certain cases?

Anyone have any suggestions how I can get this to work without duplicate commands being sent?


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I'm trying to figure this out too. Like you, I want more than just a simple "on/off" and no "open/closed" detection.

You ever find a solution for nexx?

I did actually have this working via hitting the Nexx API directly. I built a node red routine to do it, but am no longer using the garage door opener to verify if it’s still possible to use their API or not.

In the end, it still depends on the internet to function the opener so I went with a local solution using the Zooz relay instead in my new home.

But regarding the actual question of simpler buttons and more virtual device types for state change that was a no… I found using node red to do the things I was looking for the most effective solution to cover gaps in Hubitat functionality.

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Well that's a bummer but at least I know and it gives me a starting point. Thanks!