IFTTT & checking multiple conditions using apilio - to set HE mode to "Away"

I wanted some way to figure out when both my wife AND I are out of the house and then set the HE mode to Away. I found a cool service that allows you to look at multiple conditions and then set an IFTTT trigger. It's called apilio - do check it out!

It's quite versatile and basically lets you expand upon what IFTTT offers. In my case, both of our phones trigger the apilio logic when they leave home. The apilio logic block that's triggered then checks to see if both of our phones indicate we are away, in which case it uses an IFTTT applet to set the HE mode to Away. If it's triggered when I leave but apilio determines my wife is still at home, then the HE mode is not changed.

I reset the HE mode when either my wife OR I return home. I don't need apilio for that since I check our location status individually - that's done using IFTTT's location trigger to set the HE mode.

Curious why you would want to do this outside of HE, Hubitat Safety Monitor and Life360 will do this for you without the delays of IFTTT.

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I wasn’t aware of Life360 and will look into it! I knew IFTTT had presence based triggers available so that’s what made sense but you’re right that there was a 20min or so delay for the HE mode to change once we left home.

However, I’m sure there are other applications where a service like apilio helps with maximizing IFTTT’s ease of use and level of integration with services.

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Once you have your presence sensors setup why not try ‘Presence Central’ for mode switching etc.