IFTTT alternative

Is anyone else a little miffed about the IFTTT Pro implications and impact on your existing rules? I am using IFTTT for presence with my Fingbox. For me to continue using it, I will be forced to pay a monthly fee equivalent to what I pay for Hulu. Not worth it.

Has anyone figured out a good, low to no cost method for presence with Hubitat? Criteria:

  1. Must not require app on phone.
  2. Prefer not to use geo fence unless it can be accurate to within property area. I don't want to know when the person enters my zip code, just my property.
  3. No fobs

Yes. This works for me - but I'm fine with presence detection that uses an app on my phone. I use the OwnTracks app. OwnTracks sends encrypted location data to my own MQTT server, which is not exposed to the internet. However, WireGuard is always on on my phone.

OwnTracks is accurate to within 100 meters at the default settings. Although higher accuracy modes can be selected.

There are a few things I like about this setup:

  1. My location data is kept private
  2. Location is very accurate
  3. I can setup multiple locations/regions in OwnTracks: home, work, grocery, gym etc. - and based on these locations trigger automations.
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Would be nice to get this to work through MakerAPI. Been trying for a few minutes but no luck.

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Yup, I agree. RIght now, I'm bringing it into Hubitat via a virtual presence sensor and Node-RED.

Can you change the radius size of the waypoints? Perhaps I’m missing something.

@bptworld it looks similar to my Geofency integration but since this is iOS and Android, would be good to have a direct integration. I’ll setup a web server to send events to to see if I can figure out how we’d do it.


Once you’ve marked a region, you can click on the circled i (see below)

This will let you edit the name of the region and set a radius:

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EDIT: I figured out the right calls to detect enter/exit after a walk, it was this: JSON - OwnTracks Booklet

Give this a shot to see if it works for you: [RELEASE] OwnTracks Presence

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I'm unable to right now. But perhaps in a couple weeks (bookmarked your post).

Ok, can you at least share how you're using owntracks and how MQTT tells you if you're in or out of a region (arrived or left)?

Sure - when I initially setup OwnTracks, I was using it along with Home Assistant, which has a configuration option to use exported waypoints/regions as zones.

Now, I'm doing it differently. I use OwnTracks along with the node-red geofence node, which permits me to directly test lat/lon values against pre-selected regions.

If you test, changing from MQTT to HTTP will remove your regions/waypoints.

Interesting! I will test that and let you know.

I tried to do the same, Ashok, and abandoned it today because it was unreliable at best. I found in the OwnTracks Booklet where they cite several reasons why this is the case on Android (only). I don't wish to go the HTTP route so I didn't try it though they say it's better. I did all the configuration they suggested so I'm wondering how is it that you are not having the same issues?

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Have you looked at this app?

It is working pretty well for me, although it currently does not support the "Friends" feature and also how it is currently coded to work on a per person, per region/location basis. So if you want 3 people with the resolution of 3 different locations you need 9 virtual devices to hold the data.

I have not, for 2 reasons...

  1. I do my automation with node-red
  2. I do not let HE talk to the Internet

Thanks anyway.


I do the same (node-red, HE not open to the internet). The integration I wrote goes directly to HE cloud endpoint, or you can use your local LAN IP but you need your phone to be on WiFi or vpn for it to be helpful for presence.

@aaiyar I sent you a PM. :smiley: