If Time Since Event locks UI

I created a Time Since Event condition (contact open exceeds). I then created an If/Then conditional action and selected the condition. The UI locks up. If I put the same condition in a sub rule, double parentheses, it works.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Can you include a screenshot of what gives you the error and also what works?

Now I can't recreate it working by putting it in a sub rule.

Okay, I think I reproduced it by recreating the condition, and then trying it to add it to an if condition. The issue that I had is that the only option is to “Cancel this action”, so there is no way to complete the rule - is that also what you are seeing?

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This is the condition created with a Virtual contact driver:

This is what I get after I added the condition to an if condition:

Yes, I'm seeing just a Cancel button. Hitting Cancel doesn't do anything, and I need to close the browser window (iOS Firefox).

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Interesting - in my test, I was able to press cancel and it brought me back to the previous screen.

It's a refresh loop. Will crash most browser pages. Will get it fixed.

Looks like the error has to do with the changing time.


There is a work-around: Remove the condition. Turn off Display Current Values. Create the condition. Then you can use it in a Conditional Action without incurring the wrath of refresh bug. Display Current Values has to be off both while creating the condition and creating the expression that uses it.

Fix is in. I just have to convince them to do (yet) one more hot fix release.


This has been fixed in latest release, -- that's the final 2.3.1 release. @ChrisP