If string variable != "To blank"

How/what is the proper way to designate an empty string value in an If/Then?
If STRING != To "" Then.
I am having trouble getting "done" button if left blank.
I have to be missing something simple.

a "space" in the field would do what you want. Just set the sting to a "space" when you want to "clear" it as opposed to some other value

have you tried .isBlank()

Where is the data from the String variable coming from? The UI won't let you set a blank value (you can use a single space, or whatever else you want), just like it won't here, so this should be a difficult value to come across in the first place. I suppose this might be possible if you're using the result of an HTTP call or another app is manually (via code) setting it to a blank string, but otherwise it wouldn't normally happen, and even then I'm not sure...

You can create an empty string in a variable by removing it from itself, like this:

Having done that, one could compare that variable to some other variable.

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String is being set from string token.
Some times there are multiple tokens, trying to switch if 2, not three, stop the actions for #3.
Single space is != To the blank variable generated by the string token setting it to blank. Please see screen shot of rule.

That would work!
Rats, it did not work, token string is not blank?
Sure looks blank to me!

Where are you referring to?

I found the cure...
"is blank"
In the line in the above screenshot, checking condition of ICON3, instead of !=.
Threw a "NOT" at it, seems to work fine!
I knew there was a flaw in my logic, and as always a way to accomplish it, in RM.
Some times, RM is to versatile. :wink:
And proved to myself that Icon3 was truly blank.