If socket is on then hue state on

Hi when a socket is on then the hue light state should go active

what is missing in my setting to realize this?

In the activation of the light, it is currently set to off, you need to change that to on, or some rgb setting.

Hm tried this setting now but still no success

If socket is on then turn hue light on is not working

Room lighting thinks it is in charge of your light after it has been activated. So if you turn the light off outside of Room Lighting RL doesn't know. A few suggestions:

  1. Means to turn off add the light as a switch,
  2. In turn off lights options include the light switch in the 'select switches that determine lights are off.

These settings overlap. But I find it useful to use both in my RL apps.

Another way is enable 'Activate even if partially activated' in activation settings. The only issue with that is the RL app may always show as active since there is no means to turn off.


Great thanks for the help t worked with the suggestions

Overall i think the autmation feature are really powerfull but for normal ender user just to complicated and hinderung adoption and sales.

In the end as far as i understand i could also do this via google home app