If manually set then don't run rule

Hi, is it possible to make the rule in the image to not run if switch is manually turned off?

How are you manually turning on the lamps? What device is doing the controlling? Is it a button controller or is it a wall dimmer? Also, what type of device is being controlled? Manually turned off when? If the lights are manually turned off before sunset, would that also count as manually turned off? Or only manually turned off during the time of sunset to midnight? Also, i would recommend having a condition of the lamp being off for them turning on. Otherwise if you brighten or dim the lamps, they are going to revert to 50% every time there is an illuminence change. That's the trouble with using something temp or lum for a trigger event. It gets very tricky.

One other thing to note, if the multi-sensor is in the same room as the lamps, the lights are going to shut themselves off after they come on because the brightness is going to go up, then it's going to go down and they'll turn back on, and then the lums will go up so they'll turn off and then..... you see what I mean? I would recommend not using Lums as a trigger for lights, especially when they are in the sensor is in the same room.

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