If lights are on, leave them on, otherwise turn them on

Hello all,

Here is my use case. When we (any) are home and Lux in the living room <12, then a RM Rule turns on lights A and B to 30%. Once Lux goes above 25, another RM Rule turns A and B off.

My issue is this, if we are wanting to read during the day, I turn on light A to 100% via Alexa voice command and if Lux drops <12, my Rule turns on A and B at 30%, effectively dimming A from 100% 30%

Then once the Lux goes back up to >25, it shuts off A and B yet I really want A to have remained on at 100% the whole time for reading

Here is my Rule to turn on my lights when Lux drops

I can't seem to wrap my head around how to keep Light A on at 100% if it's already on

Thoughts? TIA

You can try having a second rule
When Light A = 100%
True = pause the rule you posted above
False = resume the rule you posted above


Looks like this might work out OK. Seems to be a slight flash of Light A when the transition happens but I can live with it.

Thanks again

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