If appears stuck at 15%, let it finish

Hello all,

The new version does a one time housekeeping task the first thing on install. If there are many devices, especially chattier ones like some power measuring outlets or weather stations, the longer it will take. It is not stuck, though, just busy cleaning old state/event information. And once it's done, the hub will run faster.

You will also see database backup size go down, perhaps by a lot. This is normal and related to this housekeeping job the hub does on startup.


Makes sense. This happened to me last night. After about 10 min I went to :8081 and did a software shutdown then unplugged. Then turned back on and it seemed to get stuck at 15% again so I rolled back to 2.2.2. Then applied the update again and it didnโ€™t get stuck.

Had I known, I woulda let it bake longer. :slight_smile: This was on a C5 and so far itโ€™s been zippy! Thank you for all of your work on these updates!

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I just updated. My backup size on before updating was 13.5MB. It took about 15 minutes for the first boot after the update to I rebooted again and the backup size is now 2.5MB.

This is on a C5 hub.

My hub is a C-3 on .119. The database is already a fraction of what it was on the previous release.

The upgrade to .135 takes about 10 minutes to reach the 17% downloaded mark, then tries to verify the download and fails. I don't have the option to let it finish.

I've opened a ticket with support but I'd also appreciate any tips from the community on how to proceed.

This looks like an issue with download, not applying new code or database upgrade. And yes, if you got 119, the database should already be trimmed down.
This is going to sound silly, but see if a full hub restart (from either Settings or diagnostics tool on port 8081) helps. I can't say why a simple file save would become a problem, but that's what is appears to be.