Idiot's Guide to NodeJS?

Yes, slightly off topic.

I am finding there are a bunch of bits that (at least for the moment) I cannot directly integrate with Hubitat, but there are possibilities via NodeJS such as Ring-API, Harmony, etc.

I am pleading ignorance, I have never done anything with Node, anyone have some suggestions for someone to learn the basics of setup, config, management, use etc? I'm looking at ways to scratch my last few itches when it comes to my home ecosystem and this may be a way forward.

Each of these APIs have good install/usage docs, but all presuppose (rightly) that you have a clue about the underlying system, and well, I have just about zero ... but I'm a fast learner LOL

Thanks in advance folks :beer:

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I don’t have any tutorials to refer you to...

If you want to experiment a little with Harmony via a NodeJS server, give this example a try. It will give you at least a starting point. My Hubitat HTTP Switch Driver code is pretty straightforward as an example of issuing HTTP commands to a NodeJS server.


Thanks ... time to burn in another one of the Pi's sitting on my workbench ... :slight_smile:

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How much tech background do you have? Have you done anything with Java or JavaScript before?

If you have a tech background, the following is pretty good

If you don't have a tech background, though, that one will only confuse you further.


@JDRoberts thanks this is what I needed :slight_smile:

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you should also look into node-red;

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Thanks all ... perhaps I'm a bit late to the party, I havent needed to use it before and there is always something else pressing ... but I see it scratching a whole bunch of itches both automation and otherwise so ...

Time to hit the 'books' LOL

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