Ideas needed to cut & restore power to Hub after shutdown from afar

Thanks to many in the community, I now utilize a Ring zwave repeater to inform me of a power failure and a rule to shut down my Hub safely. The problem I now have is restarting the Hub when I'm away.

I utilize a TalentCell backup battery (TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 6000mAh/5V 12000mAh DC Output Lithium Ion Battery Pack :

As Ryan780 had to cram into my brain numerous times lolo, if my hub has a battery backup AND there is still power in the battery once power is restored, I would have to disconnect the battery power from the Hub and plug it back in for the hub to boot up.

I'm looking for some way to cut the power from the Talentcell that plugs into my Hubitat hub with a Micro USB connection, for a brief period of time (when I'm away from home) so I can bring the hub back up. remotely. I don't know if there is some kind of WIFI device that can be used remotely to cut power and restore it again. I doubt there's such an animal but the Community has come through for me numerous times, so just throwing it out for anyone's ideas.

Either a WiFi smart plug or if you have a managed POE switch you could restart the POE port if you used a splitter to feed power to your hub

Either way it would be a manual thing you'd have to do once your able to get to the WiFi plug or managed switch again.

I was thinking of a wifi plug but then realized putting the plug BEFORE the Talentcell would be useless because its only cutting power to the battery and if the battery still had reserved power the Hub would still not boot back up. As for the POE splitter , really not familiar on using one ( Old school here lolo) , but I don't see where powering my hub with ethernet would help with the Talentcell issue. I think I just have to resolve myself once the hub powers down, there's nothing I can do until I get back home but thank you for your suggestions.

I have my NAS shut the hubs down when the power fails. The NAS cycles the power on the PoE ports to boot up.

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I have a UPS supplying my hubs via wifi outlets. These can be turned off/on remotely allowing me to power cycle my hubs if I need to. I've only had to do this once though.

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I originally had Hubitat on my APC UPS and the use of a wifi plug would have worked great for that setup. We, however, have numerous power outages that last longer then the 10-15min the UPS supplies power and therefore the reason I went to the talentcell which holds power for a number of hours, Now I run into the problem of restarting the hub from the talentcell or rather cutting its power then resuming power.

I can think of a simple circuit if you are interested in a DYI solution.

Really not good with soldering and circuitry but much appreciated

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I'm looking for your advice on using this Sonoff micro USB switch as an option.

I'm using a talentcell ups which has a 5v usb output that presently goes to my Hubitat hub. I was wondering if you think I could utilize this device (remotely) to switch the power off and on to reboot my hubitat hub after a hub shutdown from a power failure. I'd plug one end of the device in the Talentcell 5v output and attach the hub power wire into the other end, this way I could cut power to the hub and then power the hub up again.Any advice would be appreciated.

***** update on Sonoff micro usb switch*****
I've tried over 4 hours in total to pair this Wi-Fi switch to my home Wi-Fi with no success. Researching on the web MANY are having the same problems and therefore Presently I would not recommend them. I did, however, FINALLY get it paired to my wifi using a tablet. When i looked at the Id of the device on the app, the last letter was different then the QR code thats needed for scanning. Possible issue in maufacturer/shipping. All well now an working perfectly.

It looks like it might work but I've no experience with such a device. For $9.50 it couldn't hurt to try. Be sure you are comfortable with the required app.

You might look at the USB plugs (perhaps download a manual) they don't look like ยตUSB to me.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


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That how I do it. Small APC ups to tplink wifi plug to hub. Yes, if internet is out, I can't cycle it. But can't idiot proof everything...

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I have my hubs on outlets that are only controlled by Apple HomeKit. if I need to power cycle a hub I just open the "Home" app on my phone and do it.

I edited my original post but want to make sure all who originally responded get this update on the Sonoff micro usb switch.
After numerous hours , I have had no luck in pairing this device to my router. ALSO, from researching issues with this device, I'm not alone with this problem. Customer service has tried and failed to help me. They advised using using a different phone, I had tried 2 Android phones and my wifes Iphone to connect with their app Ewelink with no success. The way its suppose to work is you use a QR code card and use the app to scan an pair the device to your WiFi. Some on the web state its a wifi antenna issue. Others state the original firmware was at fault and possible work arounds to update the firmware then try to connect the device. I did finally get it paired to my wifi using a tablet. Apparenty it was a wrong QR scan code which was off by one letter at the end. It differed from the apps id for the device by that last letter. I just wanted to make sure all who had followed my previous post are aware of the issues. Sorry!

Currently working my way through the power up issue after a controlled power down with a C4 hub using the the OEM power connector.

The C4 has two USB ports, one used for a Z-wave stick. I never considered it, but does this mean the C4 Hub can be powered from the other USB port?

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I have my hubs on a ups with a kasa smart switch power monitoring (it is wifi ) so i can reboot the hub etc after a power outage. or whenever
I have my cable modem etc on a separate kasa switch on a att access pt (separate wifi) so i can also reboot that.

Wiring not setup for a smart switch, but I now understand, almost any plugin smart WiFi plug will do the job using the C4's OEM power connector.


there is no wiring it is a plug in smart switch ie..
i choose this brand as it remembers last state on a power outage.. most dont. and you can seat a schedule in case for some reason it does turn off and the house is empty


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Decided to go with the Tp-Link Kasa HS103 one or two pack.

(1 Pack)

(renewed 2pack)

I use this Sonoff usb wifi switch ( which I do believe the manufacturer has resolved my previous issue of pairing it) and talent cell as a ups. I plug the Sonoff switch into the USB of the talent cell then plug the Hubitat hub power into the other end of the Sonoff switch ($10US). Now remotely I can turn Hubitat off ( after a safe shut down From a power outage) and turn back on the hub which allows Hubitat to reboot.
SONOFF Micro USB Smart WiFi Adaptor 5V, Smart Switch for Type A USB Devices, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home Assistant,APP Remote Control Switch, Voice Control, Timer Function, No Hub Required

As a side note I use Cobra's Power off Shutdown APP along with the Ring 1st gen repeater to shut down my hub safely in a power failure. Works GREAT!

Thanks. Now your setup makes sense to me, although I did have to lookup the Talentcell. I already have an APC UPS backing up my modem, router, HE C4, and home phone base unit.

Appreciate the suggestion for using Cobra's shutdown app, and for confirming my plan to use the Ring repeater for the power monitor.