Ideas for monitoring fountain water level

Hello all,

I have a fountain in the garden that needs topping up water every few days and I was hoping to find a simple solution to monitor when it's below a certain level.
I've seen previous topics about making one using a Contact sensor, but I don't think I have enough experience in electronics to pull off something like that.
I've also read that the flood sensors aren't made to be always in the water.
Would there be a simpler solution, albeit more expensive?
Here is a picture of my fountain in case it helps.

Thank you!

Set it on a smart bathroom scale and monitor the weight....JK. Interested to see a solution here. :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a toilet float. Hook up the water to it and it will top it off automatically!

Oops - I see you are in UK. So use a loo float?

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Float switch? Float Switch | Ideal Water Sensor For Bilge Pumps | BE99 | Index Marine

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I would get an Aquara leak sensor and connect leads (any electric cables - phone, network, etc.) that go up to the level you need. When they report “dry”, it’s time to top up the fountain!

To make this even better, link it to an automated water shut-off valve that fills it up automatically! :smile:

Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Water Shut Off Valve Smart Wireless Control Gas Zigbee Controller Sensor linkage work with Alexa Google Home|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress


The aqara seems the easiest, but out in the garden I only have decent z wave coverage, no zigbee.
Also, to connect the leads, wouldn't I need a soldering iron?

No soldering needed, the Aqara leak sensors use two screws as sensors. You can easily attach leads to the screws (unscrew and attach leads and screw them on again).

Review: Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Water Leak Sensor – TLPA's blog

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That's interesting. So that means I would keep the sensor inside the fountain in the top of that inside recess, and the wires would be going "down" and attached to the level I would like to be alerted at?

Regarding the aqara itself, is it one of those aqara devices that some people have to keep repairing, or is one of the reliable ones? Also, any idea about whether it would keep sending reports because it's "wet", thus draining the battery?
Also, any z wave equivalent?

Thank you very much!

Maybe this sensative strip rated for outdoor use could work?

Exactly. And you can have very long wires. I have the aqara with 5 meters wire used as Rain sensor. Also, I have one with wires used as alert if water in my rainwell in my basement is to high.

The battery lasts a few years. I dont think it matters if it is wet or dry.

I second the suggestion of simply using a float switch. I currently use one (although not in an outdoor fountain) and they work great. I float switch is simply a contact sensor that makes contact when it floats. A float sensor will typically cost between $1 and $20, so they are not expensive.

The float sensor in and of itself will not communicate with hubitat. But you simply have to connect the wires from the float sensor to either a contact sensor or a smart relay and viola you are in business.

I have large trees in my front yard, and every 16-24 months I need to router out my main sewer. I put a float switch in my catch basin and wired the leads to a Zooz zen16 relay (the same device also integrates my front and rear doorbell). Now I get notifications from hubitat when my sewer needs a cleaning and these notifications happen way before I would see sewer backing up onto my floor.

Thank you, I think a float sensor could work, but given that I would want to hide everything in that hole inside the fountain, I'm pretty sure the relay part would end up wet, and I doubt I could make it properly waterproof.
I think I will give the aqara device a try, even if it means adding a few zigbee repeaters on the way.

Thank you very much!

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