Ideas for enhancement (was: Is dashboard design now frozen?)

I wanted to know if it's worth suggesting enhancements to the built-in dashboards or whether it's all wysiwygtg now?

AFAIK dashboards haven’t exactly been near the top of their list of things to update and improve upon for a while. But that doesn’t mean they will never make further updates. If you have suggestions for enhancements, by all means please share.


Yes, we intend to push Dashboards ahead in the coming months. So suggestions are indeed welcome.


Ok here are two of my ideas:

  1. Instead of having to authorise at app level individual devices for access from the dashboard, then remembering to go back into the app to remove any we stopped using or didn't use, could we have two buttons in the edit dashboard screen "Authorise all" and "De-authorise any unused" that does it in one go?

  2. When I am setting up a colour bulb I end up having to use two tiles next to each other for it - one for the on-off and dimmer, and the other for the colour (basically because I don't want to have to open a new dialog from the colour bulb tile just to turn it on and off). Would it be possible to have the dimmer and colour bulb tiles basically the same, but on the colour bulb one have a hotspot that if you click or tap there it opens the colour dialog?


I'll just toss this in here :wink:
I would like LED style mini-tiles. I don't need a full tile and description in a lot of cases when I just want to show if something is on/off, armed/disarmed etc. Maybe 1/4 of a tile with programatic control over the colour


Drag and Drop please and be able to insert lines.....


I would love to be able to

  • have things hidden unless they are in a certain state, like to only show lights that are on, windows or doors that are open, or locks that are unlocked.
  • Be able to have much smaller device icons or turn off the icon
  • Have event history available in a graph for things where that make sense like a timeline with on/off history, a graph for temperatures, or humidity

Use the Rooms identifier to select devices for a dashboard, so where you add devices to a Dashboard, you see a selection of Rooms that you can select.


Where does this appear? When in the dashboard app configuring the list of devices? Is it a recent change?

If this was directed to me, then you misinterpreted my message. It was a request.


Ah, that makes sense, and I'd second it. Good idea!

I'd be great to be able to use a tile (or the dashboard in general) as a device-- so that i can flash the screen/tile itself and/or make it play sound.

like an ipad with an always-on dashboard- i'd like to use Rule Machine to interact with the dashboard-- making it play a sound on the ipad, putting a red border around the whole screen, changing the color of the tiles, etc.

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I would love just a small change. Make the button for returning to the Dashboard menu bigger. I struggle with my phone and the fat sausages I call fingers, often missing it!

I would love to have few UX improvements such as:

  1. The tiles should reorder (or maybe even resize) depending on screen size. Currently, if I view the dashboard on my phone, the tiles immediately go beyond my screen'
  2. Allow me to use mouse to simply reorder the tiles on the dashboard using drag/drop. Don't force me to go inside the config screen just to move the tile from top row to the next row.
  3. Allow me to change the top text label of tiles.
  4. Allow me to create some visual grouping(maybe by color and borders?), such as to show different rooms

For the first one, you can set a width of blank to resize the tiles to fit any size screen. Unfortunately, the text may not be readable, depending on font size.

Drag and drop would be lovely!

Also customisable states for things like battery level and temperature.


How about custom tiles? It is pretty annoying everything you do has to fit into the mold

I second being able to move tiles around by dragging and dropping but it would also be great to be able to turn off snap to grid so I can place them anywhere. Currently doing this with CSS over a floor plan but it's a pain.

Better icons would be great. Also more individual customization aspects. Lots can be done currently with css but it's very clunky and time consuming.

Yes, but when I tried that, not all parts of the tile were getting resized. It was a very unreliable way to reduce tile size, if various fonts, icons etc. are not scaling in sync.

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