Ideas for converting this piston to Hubitat?

Greetings all,

This is the 2nd to last piece to convert and then I'll be off ST completely (the final one is the presence app which seems better than Life360). It's a routine I run in the morning to gradually wake the house, the fish and me up. Any advice on trying to fit in into the Hubitat would be appreciated!!!

This Piston seems flawed.

When “My Shower” switch turns on it seems you are instructing all of the following to happen at the same time:

  • Back Room Lamp, Bedroom Lamp, Shower Light - Fade from 0% to 20% in 7 minutes
  • Back Room Lamp, Bedroom Lamp, Shower Light - Fade level to 100% in 2 minutes (going to happen before the above since we should go to 100% in 2 minutes where above we are going to 20% in 7 minutes; These two may conflict/compete)
  • Kitchen Lights and Office lights - Set level to 20%
  • My Shower (switch) - turn off

It's the delay that makes this work. I have a fade up for 7 minutes to gradually brighten 3 lights. Then I have another fade up for 2 minutes afterwards to bring them up to full. So they are not in competition. It's a serial sequence.

In addition, these are Lutron Caseta dimmers which don't have support the fade function in RM and even though @bravenel wrote two great little applets called "Slow Raiser" and "Slow Dimmer", I can't access them from Rule Machine.

Thank you for the asking for the clarification. That got me thinking in a little different way. I think I've solved my issue for now. I modified the "Slow Raiser" to use a switch as the trigger. I then created a "Slow Raiser" program to raise the lights over 9 minutes. I also created a RM machine to wait 9 minutes and then turn on the Kitchen and Office lights and reset the switch. It all seems to be working nicely. It seems like a bit of a hack, but it's cheaper than buying a few dimmers that support fading.

Thank you @bravenel for the little applet!!!!!


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You will still need to learn how to tie rules together (not difficult). The next release of RM will have this functionality included.

Fade [dimmers] to level over x minutes. With adjustments every 10 seconds. Both fade up and fade down.


Awesome! I’m totally excited for that fade feature.

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lol…That works for me. As always, thank you for making a great platform even better!

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